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Nature lover. Have raised Monarchs. Love the outdoors and dogs. I believe Kindness is an important Key to creating a better world.

Passed this coin along to my beloved son because he is such a light in our world and in my life. The Monarch is such a beautiful symbol of transformation and courage. I can think of no one more appropriate to receive a "kindness" coin.

I have just received this coin from one of my good friends, Judy. We have become so close and have had many adventures, all of which I treasure greatly. I love how this wonderful woman encourages me to see the world through gracious, compassionate eyes.

Until I find another kindhearted person to pass this coin on to, I will use it as a reminder of where I am, and where I want to be as a person.

Thank you, Judy.

On Christmas Eve 2019, I gave this Monarch Butterfly coin to a most wonderful young friend in my life, Alaina Copeland. She lets me call her Ali. My son introduced me to her as someone who would "captain" my new electric boat named "Kick" after my late husband. She did that and more. We now go to Pilates together and she is always here for me and warms up heart. She is only 19 and is the kind of warm-hearted, intelligent, caring person the world loves. I dearly love her and hold her in my heart.

This coin was given to Teresa Huxhold in her birthday card. Teresa has a heart of gold and always has her hand out to assist others. I have been the recipient of her kindness many times and wanted her to know how much she is appreciated.

This coin is being given to one of my forever friends, Susan, since 1970's. Susan has a heart of gold and it is in her DNA to offer assistance and kindness to those in her life. I have been the recipient of her warm and giving nature many times. Whether she passes this coin on to someone else deserving or keeps it as I did my first one, I know just seeing it will allow her to remember that she is cherished and loved. Susan lives in Michigan as I do, but a few hours away in Rapid City.

I gave this coin to my new doctor, Dr. Ryan Bentley, and his wife Terra. These wonderful people are already becoming friends. Dr. B. has gone above and beyond to foster trust and comfort and teach me what I want to learn about nutrition, fasting, and maintaining health and vitality with a great quality of life, no matter my age. I feel fortunate to be connected to these people and wanted one of the beautiful Monarch butterfly coins to be a symbol of their kindness and sincerity.

This coin is being sent to my God-daughter, Rachel Dery. Another of the wonderful people in my life who demonstrates kindness as a way of being. She was always so thoughtful, kind, and loving to my husband, Dick, her God-father. Just yesterday at my home, I saw the rapt attention and care she gave to one of my ailing sisters-of-the-heart. Rachel is a world traveler so I can't wait to follow the coin to read the story of who she might gift it to, where, and why.

My son has been sharing all of his great friends with me since I moved to Saugatuck. One of them, Barbara, has been exceptionally kind and supportive as I negotiate changes in my life. I appreciate her so much and wanted her to have a Monarch coin to keep or to share. She will know what to do with it.

I gave my first coin to my Butterfly Lady, the expert I met in Saugatuck when she gave a Monarch presentation at our Douglas-Saugatuck Library. Hannah shares her knowledge, her time, plants from her beautiful garden, and takes time to tag the super generation prior to their migration. One day when my garden milkweed seemed almost over-run with Monarch caterpillars and I was afraid they would quickly be prey and not get to form their chrysalis, it took one call and she was at my house plucking them from the leaves to later have a healthy transformation from her protected area. It is with kindness that she mentors us and kids who have a courtyard garden at one of the local schools.

I am sharing my first coin with my son-in-law Tim. His legacy from his mom, Nancy, is a shining example of kindness. Tim is the epitome of this uplifting trait and all who know him become beneficiaries.

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