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Happy Birthday Alex!!! May your birthday be as amazing as you are.

The Butterfly Project is near and dear to my heart! The committee is made up of employees that are dedicated to helping the credit union give back to our community. Everyone on the committee inspires me to be a better person every day. I'm forwarding this coin to Alma because in addition to all of her other work with the committee she also got a large donation to sponsor the prize money for the Trivia Night winning teams! Thank you Alma!

I am giving the to my friend Lisa. She has one of the biggest hearts and passion for life. Lisa does not let anything stand in her way, she just looks for another path and has accomplished so much. An inspiration and role model for many of us.

Keonia is one of my FAVORITE ladies ever. It is appropriate that I gave her a coin right before Mother's Day. She is an employee so I could talk all day about the joy of working with her, she puts pride into everything she does but I admire her most as a mother to her sons and the love for her family. Her and her husband are an inspiration.

When I saw these coins, names of people I knew I wanted to give one to immediately came to mind. Vi, I want you to have this coin because of the kindnesses I see you do everyday. I know the passion you put into your work with memebers and coworkers. When you put as much heart into something it is not just a job and we are not just coworkers. We are lucky everyday to know her.

I gave this coin to my good friend Mary. We have worked together for a very long time, I definitely know my day is better because she is a part of it. I did not use to consider myself a talker but she has many hours of experience of me rambling on and on. I really need to let her talk more. Mary is one of the most caring people I know.

Inspiration! I am forwarding this coin to Amy Wolfe. Amy has taken on the planning for many butterfly projects. Just since the start of this year, she took the torch and ran when another employee who was the committee chair stepped out to have a baby. Amy's organization skills help keep all committee volunteers on track and the end results are positive for the community. Amy is inspiring because she cares and you see it in her actions. Thank you Amy!

I knew exactly what I was going to do with this coin once I got it. I work for Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union in St. Louis, MO and our most recent CEO, Mr. Lewis expanded on our annual Christmas project which collected funds for families during the holidays and was always a great success too. He expanded this to a year round committee that is now called the Butterfly Project Committee. It is a group of our employees that find ways to give back to our community. All of our Board Members, Employees, and Members raise funds with raffles, trivia nights, coin jars, bake sales etc. So I knew I wanted to give him one of these Butterfly coins in honor of the Butterfly Project Committee. I also know he looks for other ways to pay it forward

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