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This coin is being prepared for a long trip accross the pacific heading for San Francisco and then to Calistoga a small town 2 hours north of SF in the Napa valley recently ravaged by bush fires and the same occured two years ago so the folks of this charming town are very tough and protective of their way of life. The lady going to receive this butterfly coin is Nancy, A lady thats loves life and animals as she sits cats and dogs for their owners when they travel and takes precious care whilst they are in her home. For just being a kind hearted animal loveing person this coin is for you. Please hold onto it until you find another person to look after it. May the story continue.

We received this coin from our lovely boat friends Tom & Karen from Sandpoint, Idaho who inspired us to cruise the gulf islands for a month at a time, taking us out & showing us the way on our first adventure. We always meet up for good times when our cruising allows, they rock!
Recently we discovered that some amazing friends of ours were facing major challenges with vehicles. They are wonderful artists with big hearts, 3 strapping sons & we love spending time with them. As we knew they couldn’t afford another vehicle, we gifted them the old car that I had been driving. We know with their generous spirits, they will enjoy paying this coin forward. Helen & Ron

I have passed my coin onto two very fine friends in Nanaimo, BC. They have been and continue to be very warm and inclusive. Most people from British Columbia are nice people but these two take the cake.

I received this coin from Dawn. A very generous gift. I will look for an opportunity to pass it along.

My friend Tom LOVES and LIVES orchids. Today I stopped in to garden gawk and he immediatley handed me one of his progeny plants. Super kind. Always. Thanks Tom Tillisch!

was a pleasure to welcome dawn and her daughter to my part of australia, we tennis nuts need to help others in what we call a sporting network a way to meet like minded sports people, to help in this small way was the pleasure of our club the clifton beach tennis club now 48 years old. i will pass this coin on so your story continues.

This coin was given to John Collins of Clifton Beach, Queensland. John’s trusting heart and kind deeds will always be remembered. I took two tennis racquets across the world intending to keep my game sharp while on holiday. Day 1, courts were discovered close to our rental home. Enter John C. who welcomed 2 American tennis nuts to his club courts with open arms- on a rainy day. Within five minutes of playing my strings broke. John to the rescue. He returned with a shiny new racquet, the code to the courts, and a warm Smile. His kindness went truly above and beyond.

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