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This coin starts its journey with a small gift for a very kind hearted co-worker.

This coin starts its journey with a small gift for a very deserving person. He is a very giving and caring person, always taking time to appreciate and thank people. He is also an excellent coach and mentor.

This coin will start its journey with a very positive person not only to me but to a large community. She is in a journey her parents started and is carrying on a very special restaurant with her siblings. This restaurant and this family is so special to so many people in many different ways. They are an excellent example of kindness to the community and show what it means to be famiy, to work together with love.

I received this coin from a dear friend that was very excited about my new grandson. This was part of a gift to help me celebrate my new "grandma" status. I gave the coin to my neighbor with a homemade cherry pie to thank him for being such a great neighbor.

Denise Davis,
Following up on my earlier post I have a wonderful friend who would appreciate this gift and definitely pass it forward, as the coin mandates!!!

I received the coin from my co-worker Denise V. and it really made my day!!! She had explained the principle of "passing it forward" based on the actions of her late sister, and I feel so blessed to pass it forward to someone that will appreciate it and know the significance of it!

This coins first journey starts off with a small gift to someone I met once. Hope it is a nice surprise

This coin will go to Florida with me. Will be given to a good friend.

A small gift and this coin starts its journey. It will be given to a co-worker with a very positive attitude that also has an interest in paying it forward. She deserves to be special too!

A small gift and this coin starts its journey. It was given to an exceptionally wonderful person who is full of life, very giving and positive. She is a great listener and is inspirational to all around her.

A small gift and this coin starts its journey with a friend that has seen many struggles and yet maintains a very positive attitude. We share the same name and even birth year. Great friend to all.

A small gift and this coin was bought for a very special neighbor. He is an excellent role model for all. Very helpful, kind and giving. He deserves to start this coin on its journey.

Hamilton, Michigan
We received the coin with a planner from a friend in Sterling Heights, what a fun idea! We're excited to see where it travels.

Bought this coin for with a very special friend in my life. Although we live far apart,we know each other like we lived next door. My special friend became a grandma for the first time so it was so easy to surprise her with a “just because” gift.

Sterling Heights, Mi...
We received the coin from neighbor with flowers that had a butterfly on it too. :-) Thanks! We will be sending it on soon. Lets see if we can get the coin across the state.

Bought this coin to give me added fun in random acts of kindness. I have a neighbor in mind!

I love doing random acts of kindness and this is a very fun way to see the kindness our world still has! I am currently debating whether to give to a friend, family or complete stranger. I bought this to get things going and see where it takes me!

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