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This coin is starting it's journey as a secret Santa gift to a fellow para-educator. While many days are challenging, she's always got a smile on her face and never gives up trying to make sure our students have the best day possible.

This coin was gifted at Warped Tour in Cleveland to a band member who, together with his bandmates, graciously show their appreciation for the love and support of their fans.

It was passed along at Warped Tour in Cleveland as a token of my appreciation to someone who, over many years, has selflessly touched the lives thousands of people. As he walked through the crowd, he stopped to share a hand shake, listen to a story, pose for a photo...all with genuine kindness. Gifting this coin was my way of saying "thanks" for bringing generations of people together through music

We made a pit stop in Columbus,
OH on our way back. Upon arrival at my hotel, the lobby was full of people unable to check in because of a computer malfunction. I, fortunately, had just picked up dinner and sat off to the side to eat while waiting for some resolution. There was a traveller, who was stuck because of a cancelled flight, checking out the junk food, as his rescheduled flight at 5am meant he'd miss breakfast. Yuck! I offered him my untouched salad and half of my sandwich along with this coin. Not sure where he was headed, but hoping the coin will continue it's journey spreading random acts of kindness

I took this coin with me on a trip to move my son home from his college apartment in Chicago.

I'll keep this coin in my pocket until the right moment comes along to send it on it's way.

This coin is travelling with me to Cleveland with hopes of beginning it's journey there.

Took this coin on a trip hoping to start it on it's journey soon.

This coin is being given to a 2019 high school graduate to begin its journey as she embarks on a new one.

I received this adorable coin from a coworker who just moved to my area of the building this year. It has allowed me to get to know her better and build a new friendship. I was glad to lend an ear to her during a difficult situation- hoping to provide her with perspective and comfort. I hope this coin continues to fly on to new and interesting places all over the world, spreading kindness. (For now...it's in my pocket as I search for the next recipient!)

I gave it to a co-worker this week. She brightens the lives of the many students and staff here every day. I know this coin will begin it's flight unselfishly and spread joy & kindness along it's journey.

I'm giving this coin to my daughter to start the New Year with new beginnings. She sees the good in everyone...her kind and caring ways will send this coin off on it's journey of compassion & kindness.

This is the first of 12 coins I bought to start the New Year. It will be the one I give away first to be released out into the world to spread kindness and compassion.

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