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First of all, I am from and live in a small town in Wisconsin called Boscobel. I received this coin form my sister, Denise, aka "Bean". My journey to kindness has been a lifelong trek. I am "middle-aged" now and recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I have at least 9 more months of treatment ahead of me but I haven't let breast cancer define or defeat me. I am normally a very giving person but we have had to cut back recently due to the cost of cancer. I am truly amazed at how giving those around me are. I have received many donations from friends, family and even people that I don't know. I am truly humbled by it. I try to live my life full of kindness and I hope that others can see this. I haven't always been the person that I am today. Each day is precious and I can see that more than ever now so I will continue to live a life in search of kindness. It is out there...I have seen it!

Hello from Rochester, MN. My friend/manager retired and on my birthday this year, she gave me two coins. One to keep and one to give away. Well I can't keep them. It's not my style. She is no wonderful and I love her heart and love the idea of these coins. Please see coin 254b-nkc as well. The other thing I'm doing is donating a kidney to someone that had posted on FB. I don't know him but he is the brother-in-law of my cousin-in-law and have yet to meet him. We are scheduled for surgery on 12/27/21. This is his last bad Christmas. I am scared, but I can't go forward in life knowing that I can help someone to live his life better and to be able to be there, healthier, for his wife, kids, and beautiful grandkids. We're a match! Made to be. So I give this coin to him, in hopes that he chooses someone super special to pass it on to, because to me, he has IS very special and I can't wait to see what life holds for him. Thanks for waiting for me, Terry! We got this! Denise

Hello there from Rochester, MN. My friend and manager retired. She was the best manager I've ever had, so kind, intelligent. Just a great human who totally got me from day one. She gave me this coin, I think, because I spend a lot of time on a non-profit that I started called the Wisconsin River Trail Organization (see website or FB). I want to change the lives in a positive way of my community where I was raised, Boscobel, WI. We no longer are a factory community and I am tring to reinvent our town (where I don't live) as Wisconsin's Outdoor Recreation Destination, as we are in the Driftless zone. It's beautiful here around the Wisconsin and Mississippi hills and valleys. We are creating a 26-mile hike/bike trail.
Everyone is a mentor. Think about the parents that you admired of your friends when you were growing up. It's our job to be a great mentor, pay it forward, and show those that have little guidance how to dig deep, make goals, and tackle them. If I can help one child succeed that otherwise didn't have a chance, my life is complete. Alone as a small board, we will never leave a big inheritance to our kids/grandkids, but together we can leave a legacy trail that will only be built upon. Life is so short, make it count.
#LoveGrowsHere #BeTheChange
I pass this on to my sister, Darcy, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at 55. We're a year apart, Irish twins, and I refuse to move on in life without her. She's a fighter, and together, we've got this. Darcy is the most quietly giving person I know. She donates to everything I do and has such a huge heart. I love you Sister. Thank you for being my mentor and my best friend my entire life. XOXO!!

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