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I find this concept so inspiring :)

Bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies--- yum! And donated my leftover change to the organization they were collecting for and supporting! I figured a local Girl Scout would be a perfect receipent for a butterfly kindness coin! :)

Paid for person behind me at the drive-thru :)

A man who asked me for a couple grocery store items, including a turkey sandwich received this coin along with it. I am grateful I was able to help and tell him he will be in my prayers.

I am with my sister who is giving some diapers to a mom, as part of a Mom helping Moms group. We will include the coin with this random act of kindness :)

I'm giving this to a family with a sign asking for help...

In honor of Danny Dietz, a Navy SEAL from Littleton, Colorado who died 14 years ago- I am releasing a coin with a little gift as an act of kindness. There's a special sculpture of him here that pays tribute to this amazing hero. I had an idea for this, when I read he fulfilled a dream by his dedication of becoming a Navy SEAL. I hope whoever by fate receives this, can use it in however they see fit, to fulfill one of their dreams.

I have an idea to surprise a stranger at the dollar store with a random act of kindness...

I noticed a woman on the Englewood Trolley shuttle with quite a few grocery bags. We ended up getting off at the same stop, so I offered to walk with her and carry some of her bags. I'm glad she accepted my request and we chatted along the way. Once we parted, I gave her this special coin....

I'm meeting a dear friend I know from high school and college who I get to reunite with every once in a while. I'm planning to treat her to dinner, while giving her this coin :)

When I explained this butterfly coins idea to my niece, she asked if I'd set a coin aside so she could give it to Tim. He is a special man who is now a part of our family and I was glad to hear her thought of including him in this kindness train. This one's for you Tim :)

I'll be giving this coin to my sister. Right after Christmas she got a parking ticket. A few days later she let me borrow her car during my visit. The ticket fine has now been paid :)

I recieved this Coin From A Beautiful woman and her Niece . while i was dealing with a Severe problem in my life im an artist and i make music and I have a Stalker who is attempting to steal my music , or block it , i started on sound cloud . Type Lockjaw-life on soundcloud to hear my music . I was gratified by the gift . I recently had a birthday and the one present i got in the mail was stolen , and i didnt get any Christmas gift so this let me know there are still kind hearted people in the world i will pay it forward . thank you . I was sitting at Starbucks

First coin of mine for committing a random act of kindness with somewhere in Florida...
I am with my sweet niece at Starbucks. We're going to give someone an extra gift card I had with the coin!

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