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Giving this coin to my granddaughter for Christmas. She has the sweetest personality. Always has a smile and a kiss for grandma. She makes my heart so happy.

Giving this coin to my granddaughter for Christmas. She has such a wonderful heart. The love and pride I have for her in my heart is overwhelming.

This coin is going to the granddaughter of one of my best friends. I was honored to be invited to her daughter’s wedding. It was there I was able to meet this precious little girl. I just want her to know how much her Aunt Leslee loves her.

Sending this coin to my granddaughter in Oregon as part of her Christmas gift. I hope she loves it.

Received this coin from a coworker. I'll be taking this coin with me to Ireland on Thursday and will give to someone in Ireland.

Giving this coin to a co-worker who is taking a trip to Ireland. Hoping she enjoys her trip. Lets see what awaits this coin journey.

I’m giving this coin to the office manager and friend at the park who is retiring. She has been so helpful and would always let me pick lemons from her tree. Thank you so much for everything. Enjoy!!

Registering this coin so it is ready for its journey.

Registering this coin so it will be ready for its journey.

Registering this coin. Waiting to see where it will go in it’s journey.

Registering a few coins to be able to give to someone if needed.

I’m registering a few coins so that my grandkids can give them to there teacher for end of year gifts along with some homemade cookies.

This is the first of a few I’m registering so my grandkids can give it to their teachers as a end of the year gifts along with a few homemade cookies.

Registering this coin and giving it to a very special lady, named Karen. I was feeling really down and wanted a change. I call and asked a favor. She is a hairdresser and I needed a haircut terribly. She cut it and I absolutely loved it. I just want to say thank you and to let her know how appreciative I was.

I 'm giving this coin to a very special. She and I have both lost our husbands. We had met many years ago at a restaurant. Our husbands began talking to each other and that started a friendship that is still going today. We tried to have dinner together at least once a month. This is the night. Jackie is so deserving on this and much,much more.

Taking coin with me. Want to have in case I meet someone I want to give it out.

Taking with me just in case I meet someone I want to give it to.

Registered my first coin. Iwill carry it with me so if I see someone who is deserving I will be ready, to hopefully, make their day.

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