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Location is actually San Simeon, CA. Coin 27vt-7xz. I couldn't correct it.
I forgot to mention that I was honored to know Mareyna's godmother. She was one of the loveliest, kindest, sweetest, most spiritual and compassionate angels you could ever know. A great loss for those of us left behind.

This coin has not traveled far. It is in the same small town of Cambria, CA. I received it nearly two years ago from my sweet friend and "Fairy Goddaughter" Reyna after my dear, devoted father, Robert Louis Mayer, died. I happen to know the sweet man who started this coin rolling, her "birth-brother" and it is exactly like him to constantly reach out. Both of them are huge-hearted humans.

My father died alone on January 15, 2021. In a quarantined Kaiser hospital in Panorama City, Southern California, of Pneumonia, Congestive Heart failure, Renal failure and Covid-19.
---- Days before he died, and days after, my mom had some episodes of irrational behavior. Her memory loss, suddenly much worse, was found to be Alzheimers disease months later. She needed a memory-care facility. My sister and dear sister-in-law found a great facility near their homes, 6 to 7 hours away from me. We had to move mom. It was devastating. I felt like a traitor abandoning my dear, giving, exceptional and saintly mother. I am not kidding, look up her obituary I wrote on Margaret Regina (McGowan) Mayer. We also had to let go of the family home of 60 years. It took my sister and I five months before our siblings helped us. Every month we sorted through mountains of things, tens of thousands of papers, photos, etcetera. Donating countless things. I visited mom as often as I could, called every day, wrote every few days. It was very hard. Covid-19 kept her friends from visiting. My siblings gave her frequent phonecalls and visits, packages of goodies, shopping sprees, lunches out whenever possible. When she was sad or frustrated, it was devastating for my sister and I especially. She died on St. Patrick's day this year, 14 months after our father. I am still picking up the pieces, as I ignored my own life for three years helping my/our parents. I cry more easily now, but have caring family and dear friends/extended family. I know that I did everything I could to help and comfort my parents. And, obviously, dear souls in my life have comforted me. I am blessed and grateful.

Love each other, embrace your family, friends, and even strangers if you can. One smile, hug, handshake, and/or kind word and gesture can brighten someone's day or save a life. Their value is beyond measurement and they are healing to the spirit and the soul.

Found at moonstone beach while collecting stonesđź’™

January 17th, 2021
My dear god mother died exactly 2 years ago. She was an amazing, spiritual lady. She even edited and wrote spiritual books. Two years ago, my birthday buddy (Daniel) cheered me up by bringing this coin to during my early stages of grief. It was a rough ride the first year, mostly because we did not have her memorial till a year later. As the anniversary passing date was coming up this year, my family friend lost his father. I thought, how can I support this beloved friend of mine? I immediately thought of the medallion and how cosmic that it was close to a grief anniversary in my life. It made me feel better and like I was releasing something, which I'm guessing is what this coin is all about, right? It's not so much the receiving of it and kindness extended to you as the individual. For me, it's more about the carrying of this coin and being able to release it finally. In some ways, this has made me heal a little bit. It feels complete. I hope the same for my friend. He has known me since I was a little girl, around the same amount of time my god mama knew me. He has the most giving and generous heart. I know he'll take good care of it, and I know he deserves kindness in the world because he gives a lot of himself to others. I am so happy to just offer a little bit back. I also know that he will carefully consider the next person who gets this. This is the true spirit of this coin, kindness and releasing it. May whoever reads this know, I am with you. I know your pain. I hope you will meet me on the other side, where breaths aren't as heavy and sorrow doesn't cloud your heart. I hope you will hold on to the beautiful gift life is and how the people who are gone, well their not really gone. They live inside you. They also give you signs. This coin is one of them.
-Love you mama, love you forever

The need arose to assist a young mother set up her entertainment equipment, I was asked to help...
Bee the change you wish to see!

Dear friend lost someone close, went got Crystal's and coffee to help cheer and clear her day.....

Ready to fly!

This may be the shortest flight ever. This lil guy is to watch over a friends late mother, gifted out with love.

My first flyer...let's do some good!

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