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To my beautiful Tata <3 Have a wonderful birthday and remember all moments are fleeting: smell the smells, taste the tastes and see the things. Have an extraordinary day!

Dear Josh- It has been a pleasure getting to know you. It is rare that you come across someone who is so consistent, so helpful and so genuine. I enjoy working with you as I know you always have my back and we are both working hard towards the same goal= success with #4142!

I know you will meet your goals, never forget that you are extraordinary! Your friend, Lisa

Hiya, my name is Tenisha and I am a cashier at the front end. Thank you Maurice, for honoring me with the coin. I would like to pass along this coin to a kind and thoughtful cashier that I work with, her name is Ashley.

Merry christmas Ashley and I hope 2020 will be your best year ever!

Hello! My name is Maurice, I received the butterfly coin a couple of months ago from Cynde. Cynde is an awesome friend! I am honored to be a part of the club. I choose Tenisha as the next recipient, she is a cashier on our front end :)

My name is Cynde,
Thank you Jackie for gifting me this butterfly coin. You are so very special to me and i look up to you as a friend and as an amazing parent. I want to give this coin to someone who is so kind and generous and is always there to lend a hand. I know everyone has times in their lives when they need a little extra friendship or love. I hope this person knows they are loved by so many.

Hi my name is jackie callahan. It was honor too receive this coin from my dear friend / coworker edna. Its amazing too feel loved when you least expect it. Since i had this coin i have tooken extra time too help a very close friend of mine ,who was in need of encouragement and extra love. I will be passing this coin along thid weekend coming to someone who is very special too me in my work place. Again i am thankful this coin has came into my life at the moment it did.

Hi, my name is Edna and I have worked at 4142 for many years. Thank you Chrystal, for choosing me! I love the coin and adore the idea of sharing kindness within our family.

I choose Jackie Callahan, I want to let the coin sit in her hand and bring joy to her heart because she is loved.Thank you for being YOU!

Chrystal Kelly - This coin was given to me by a dear friend and co-worker. I didn't give to someone right away, because the coin gave me comfort by sitting in the arms of my Mom's Angel. I sat it there to help my mom soar along with the butterflies. It actually gave me a piece of sanity in my life. I call this coin the 4142 Depot Monarch and I shall give this to a friend who I know needs our prays with family. So I give this coin to my new Depot Friend who knows that I care with every fiber of my being. Please let it travel to someone else within our Depot walls.

I give this coin to you as a token of my affection. This coin will travel a beautiful journey and you are a part of that. Please enjoy it for a moment but find someone in this building who you would like to gift it to..take a moment to leave a message for the next person right here, thank you, for being you!

My dear friend Jennifer,

I wanted to share this beautiful coin within our butterfly group. I thought you would be the PERFECT person to start its journey!

I hope you are enjoying our hiatus and the butterflies will be here before we know it!

Take care

Dear Wayne-

Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air! I sure do appreciate your enthusiasm and I look forward to teaching you even more about Monarchs as we explore their special journey together.

Thank you for recognizing their plight and helping me to meet my mission, spreading as much Monarch habitat, to help one butterfly at a time.

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