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Thank you Lorraine! I am now passing this coin forward to my dear friend and coworker Freda, whom I've known since starting my job/career back in 2002 - she taught me how to be the best in this field and welcomed me into her family! She truly exemplifies the butterfly effect in all areas of her life - love you, Freda!

I am gifting this coin to a dear friend and co-worker, Lisa! She is the essence of what a "real" friend should be She can be the life of the party, and the shoulder to cry on. I value our friendship. Thanks for being there to help me out. Pay it forward!

This coin is gifted to a co-worker. She gifted me with a gorgeous hand made gift that will bring a smile every time I use it. I promised to pay her kindness forward. Cheers to Stacy!

Gifted this coin today to a co-worker who helped me see the light in a very dark place. My personal kindness journey started because of her and continues to bless others every day. Her calm, caring, kind spirit is a blessing to all who cross her path. I pray that God blesses her today and every day!

Gifted to my dear sister in law. She has been my mother in law's primary care taker since my father in law passed away. She is a pillar of strength and compassion and is one of the kindest people I know. I wish I could bless her with riches untold.

Today is 2/21/19 and I am at a training meeting for a project I work for at ISR UM. I was told a very special person would be visiting tonight, so I decided to gift this coin to her. She is a very special production manager that I had the opportunity to work with for several years. She is a unique and special mentor for me. She is the type of manager that you wanted to work for! She shows respect and invites active participation from all that have the opportunity to work with her. 2018 was a horrendous year for me and I worked with the worst type of manager you could imagine. One night, in total tears and devastation at another training, I had a chance to "be kind" and "pay the kindness forward". The only reason I survived and still work for this company is because of Sara. She made an eternal impact in my life by simply believing in me. I probably won't have another opportunity to express my gratitude, so today, I gift this coin.

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