Coin Stories for MaryKay_Butte

Ainsley received this coin on 1/13/19 at the gracious housewarming event she and her friend Dark hosted at First and Utah Sts. in Butte, MT. She does random acts of goodness so often that she'll have a hard time knowing when to send her coin along with one.

On 1/13/19 mk gave this coin to Mike A. along with a jar of her homemade chili. He loves chili, and she hopes a gift of chili qualifies as a good deed. Mike has had a disappointing diagnosis that said he has a terminal disease. I think it will be fun for Mike to choose which of all his kind deeds will have this coin accompany it. Mike has done many favors for mk and her husband, and I'm sure most people who know him have been recipients of his random acts of love toward his fellow humans. This coin shall have an outstanding journey. Hope all who encounter it will share its story on this website.

Wish I could say I did Travis a favor before giving him this coin. He's a professional carpenter plus++ and is working at our home. He does such good work, and quickly, that he is sure to be a great success in life. I know he does favors for others, including our friend Mike. So I am sure he will have just the right person to hand this coin off to along with one of his kindnesses! Happy flight, wee coin!

Brother Mike, the CPA, will receive this coin in his mail about 1/14/19. It is sent for his birthday, the 10th, with love to Mike and all good wishes for those the coin encounters in its happy travels! Mike knows so many people in southern California, and he does so many nice things for people, that it will be hard for him to decide who will become the next owner of this transitional butterfly. Hope whoever looks up this coin on the web will keep on telling it's flight story!

Steve should receive this coin from mk in the mail about 1/14/19. He lives in Missoula, Montana, and comes into contact with many people through his profession and fun friends. He is mk's nephew and a very caring man. mk expects this coin will become animated with joy. Perhaps Steve will teach it to sing, "Hey Jude!" ...Fly on, dear coin.

Sweet niece, Kathleen, should get this coin in the mail about 1/14/19. mk expects this professional artist will hand the coin off somewhere between Tetonia, Idaho and Missoula, Montana, but who knows? Hope the recipient will keep the coin's story going for perpetuity!

mk sent this coin to her niece's boyfriend, Mike S., on 1/11/19. Mike travels a lot in Montana, Idaho and was recently in Europe. So this coin will likely be moving around to far-flung places. Fly on, wee coin!

mk sent this coin to her very smart and beautiful niece, Meg. This professional woman travels between her offices in Stevensville, MT USA and Victor, ID USA. I'm sure this coin will have a fun journey!

Happy Birthday to our good friend, Noor on January 3, 2019. Her last name means "butterfly" in another language, and everything she touches is better off for her having been there. Random acts of kindness come naturally to her, and her caring ways extend to many four-footed friends, and to the environment, as well. Where will this coin go? Perhaps to far-flung continents she's visited before through the kindness of her Peace Corps volunteerism. Fly on, butterfly!

It's January 7th, 2019, and Norma Jean stopped by to check on our computer issues. Here's a gal who takes care of so many people in so many ways. So this coin is starting on its way because she did me a favor. Yet, I was able to give her some new clothes that will fit a little woman she is helping out. Kindness is flying around. When Norma Jean gives this coin to the next person, it's sure to be a a very fine circumstance. Go, wee butterfly, go!

Traveling from the San Francisco bay area and visiting his hometown of Butte, MT over the Christmas holidays, our friend Fr. Esteban received a minor favor from Mary Kay and George. Along with it came this Butterfly coin. We talked about Kindness. I said I love the idea of these coins; they remind me of an outdoor billboard campaign a year or two ago by some Catholic Sisters. The billboards read, "Kindness. Get in the Habit." And they were signed at the bottom, "Catholic Sisters of the Upper Mississippi Valley." I believe these coins will serve as the same kind of "moving" reminder. Fr. Esteban told of an Orbis book, "The Way of Kindness." It's part of a trilogy, the others being "The Way of Gratitude," and soon "The Way of Forgiveness." This butterfly will have a happy journey.

This coin was presented to "Mook" on January 4, 2018 as a Christmas treat. He is a man from the Kalispell area of Montana who has traveled far, having been in the Peace Corps in Africa. His kindness runs deep and includes the planet, as he drives only when necessary, then slower than most, to keep the gasoline from the extra pollution that might otherwise be created. I know his coin will be given with great care, and hope it flies on forever.

This butterfly coin was given by Mary Kay to our friend Marianne in Butte as a Christmas treat. She is a lover of Monarchs and has traveled to their winter hideaway in Mexico. She is constantly doing good things for other people, so this coin will likely travel far.

Mary Kay in Butte MT gave this first of the coins she purchased to her husband, George, for his birthday January 5. Don't know where he'll let it fly on. Hoping whoever gets it next will tell the circumstances for posterity! And, of course, do good.

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