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A pharmacist by vocation and a writer by avocation, I read and I write...mostly haiku. I am also involved in various groups around the area.

Given to a family member during Christmas

Given to a family member as a gift during Christmas

Passed it on to Everyone's Mom in Huron, Ohio for all they things she does for the school and community. 4/3/2020

A gift in celebration of a retirement...Centerville, Ohio

Marion, Ohio, USA. In one of my sisters' possession.

Given to one of my sisters on Christmas Eve in Marion, Ohio. Love you, Sis. Fly little butterfly and do some good.

Given to one of my sisters on Christmas Eve in Marion, Ohio. Love to my sister. Fly little butterfly!

Given to my son and his wife on their wedding day; may you have many years of wedded bliss.

Given as a wedding gift to my son and his wife on November 3, 2019. Wishing you two many years of wedded bliss.

Left with a card for the fiftieth wedding anniversary of friends. I am sure that they have practiced random acts of kindness all of their lives together (and thus, should be thanked for it).

My friend slipped the coin in my pocket after we volunteered together with the book bike for Friends of the Huron Public Library. My friend helped me out when a volunteer was unable to stay as planned so I called at the last minute. She is amazing. She and her husband are true friends.

Received in the mail along with nine other coins

My stepson paid for a dinner at a restaurant. Totally out of the blue, a random act of kindness. Fly little butterfly, fly!

Received this coin at the post office in Huron, oh! Someone so generously paid for a stamp that was going to France. My girls and I will be paying it forward to someone else soon.

Bought some stamps for the gentleman in line behind me at the post office. Take flight, little coin, and do some good in the world.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me (and others...I am probably not the only one).

I don't have a smartphone so that isn't an option. Should they be logged when we receive them in the first place? Before we give them away?

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I received the three coins I bought. Now that I have them, I am not sure what to do besides the RAK and giving the coin away. Do we register them when we first receive them in the mail? Or are the coins already registered under my screen name? How does this differ from bookcrossing?

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I got mine today...thanks! They are lovely and very well made.
One quick question: do you give them with the paper attached or is that for me to keep. I am sure there's a forum post that will give me some of the other answers to the questions I have.

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I just got my coins today, and I am trying to figure out exactly what to do with them. I won't stop bookcrossing (that's easy), but this will take some thought before I plunge in.

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