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Scouts Pack 442 is based in Lakeway, Texas. Our pack is charted by the Lakeway Church and serves Lakeway and Serene Hills Elementary.

Oct 17, 2022
Yusef Omar Haider found this coin in Treasure Box from third grade (Lakeway Elementary School) and gave it to his Mom Sinthia Khan because he thought his Mom is very kind and loving. He is grateful to her.

My friend gave me this special coin it at school, and it was really nice of him. I will give it to one of my other friends, her name is Lily. Monday, November 15, 2021.

I got this special coin in around 2018-2019 and got it from boyscouts please if you get this coin and read this note pass it on to someonelse to keep its adventure

I received this from a family member whose father recently passed away. This was among his things & they said they thought of me and would like me to have it. I loved their dad, he was a great man, I am so honored. At some point n' time I will also pass this on. I have researched this coin and love the idea of this. Kindness is so very important in this crazy life we live. I want to touch someone's heart as mine was today with this beautiful butterfly coin & I cherish this moment always

Starting with my 8-yr old son, Miles! He received this kindness coin in Scouts. We’re keeping a mind of service and eager to pass it along!

I received this coin through my Boy Scouts pack meeting. I have been holding on to it as I wanted to find just the right person to share it with as it is so special. I love the idea of passing kindness to other people. I recently visited an assisted living facility where I met some very nice older people. One of the people I met was a gentleman that served in the army and 3 wars. I would like to know more about his life and spend some time with him. I think I will share my butterfly coin with him and see if we can get to know each other more. I enjoyed talking with him and learning about his time in the army. Maybe he has some friends that would also enjoy the butterfly coin and sharing kindness with others.

I received this coin from an awesome kid from Texas after photographing his family on vacation in Hawaii.

Hi- I got this coin from my Cub Scout Troop. I am passing it to my cousin, who lives in Fort Worth, Texas. I can’t wait to follow and see all the cool places it will go. Best wishes, Hayden

Brock and I (his Dad) are members of Cub Scout Pack 442 and received the Butterfly coin at our December 2018 pack meeting. We're enjoying keeping the coin as a reminder to Pay it Forward. Can't wait to have a good story to share as we pass it along...

Bobby received this coin at his Boy Scouts meeting Lakeway Pack 442. Bobby decided to give his coin to his good friend Catie. Catie is our neighbor and often invites Bobby to her house to play. They play lots of outdoor games, and indoor games, and really enjoy each others company. They have gone ice skating together and to the movies. Its not just one act of kindness Catie has given to Bobby, but 7 years of kindness. They have known each other since they were 6 months old, and Bobby can't remember one time that Catie wasn't kind to him.

I got my butterfly coin at a Cub Scout Pack meeting in December. I'm excited to see where my coin goes.

I got my butterfly coin at a Pack meeting in December. I'm excited to see where my coin goes.

My name is Braeden and received this coin at a boy scout meeting.I am looking forward to seeing the coin travel around the country.

I got this coin at my cub scout meeting. I can't wait to pass it on and see how far it travels.

This is my Butterfly Coin and I am going to do good with it and change the world. Please pay it forward. - Caden King

I got my coin in a cub scout pack meeting on December 17 2018, the creator of the company gave all the scouts one coin.

I am a 7 year old Tiger scout in pack 442. I got a butterfly coin at Cub Scouts tonight. I am excited to do a good deed so I can pass it on. Have a awesome day

Helped my mom with around the house cleaning

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