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Steps To Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 7
-Install the latest drivers.
-Install updates.
-Run startup repair.
-System Restore.
-Fix memory or hard disk errors.
-Fix Master Boot Record.
-Reinstall Windows 7.

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Animated videos are videos created with original designs, drawings, illustrations or computer-generated effects that have been made to move in an eye-catching way using any number of artistic styles. Although they may integrate live action video, they don't require any live action recording to convey an idea or story.
5 Forms of Animation
-Traditional Animation.
-2D Animation.
-3D Animation.
-Motion Graphics.
-Stop Motion.

Rachel Gomez

-Browse to the Library\Printers\Canon\BJPrinter\Utilities folder and double-click Canon IJ Network Tool.
-Open the Canon IJ Network Tool folder.
- Double-click on the Canon IJ Network Tool.
-Select Use the printer on the network, then click OK. If the following image appears, connect the printer and computer with a USB cable and click on the OK button.
You can make use of the IJ network tool only after having it downloaded and installed on your device. The IJ network tool is a part of an MP printer driver, and therefore, can be downloaded and installed with it. To get this tool, you need to follow the steps given below:

-Open your preferred web browser on your system and insert the URL usa.canon.com/support in the address field. The Canon support page opens up on your screen.
-Now, search for your canon product in the specified search field.
-On reaching your product window, you will see a download link for your printer’s driver under the Canon Printer Drivers and Download section.
-Click on the Download tab to get the driver downloaded on your device.
-Once downloaded successfully, proceed with the driver’s installation process on your device.
-To install the driver, you should double-click on the recently downloaded file and then proceed with the on-screen instructions.
-While the installation goes on, a Software Selection Window opens up on your screen. Here, tick-mark on the “IJ Network Tool” checkbox. This will then be followed by the successful installation of the Canon IJ Network Tool on your device.

Rachel Gomez

Method to Connect Canon Wireless Printer
Thereby following these steps, you can easily set up the Canon printer to the WiFi network.
The connection between a wireless Canon printer and a commanding device is established through a shared connection or WiFi. Therefore, it is vital to put the printer on the same WiFi network as your computer.

WPS Connection – To Connect Canon Printer with Wireless Network
Before following with this method, firstly make sure that your WiFi router has a WPS button. Also, the router must use WPA or WPA2 security protocol.

-Start with, hit the power button on printer to make it ‘ON’. Also switch on your WiFi router through WPS Button.
-Thereafter, go to the printer ‘Home’ from the touch screen and then press and Hold ‘WiFi’ button.
-Next, select ‘LAN Wireless set up’ option> press ‘OK’. At this moment your printer will search for the access point of your wireless network.
-Choose your WiFi Network (named Canon in your router setting).
-After that, hit on the WiFi access point which will ask for passphrase or WPA Key. Now, enter your WiFi password and then press ‘OK’ button.
-This process will take few moment to establish connection of Canon printer with your WiFi router access point.
-Now, Canon printer and the router will automatically make a connection at this point.-
-When the wireless connection is done, the power and the WiFi light will stop flashing. Instead, they will continuously remain lit after the connection.

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Cash App monitors your account for anything that looks out of the ordinary. If a potentially fraudulent payment occurs, we cancel it to prevent you from being charged.To avoid this issue, pay for the amount of gas you'd like at the register before you pump. When a merchant refunds a transaction it can take up to 10 business days for Cash App to receive the refund. As soon as Cash App receives the refund, the funds will automatically appear in your Cash App balance.

When this happens, your funds will instantly be returned to your Cash App balance or linked bank account. If not, they should be available within 1–3 business days, depending on your bank.

To reduce the risk of payment beings canceled:
-Only link debit or credit cards that are in your name
-Only send payments to or receive payments from people you know or reputable businesses
-Confirm the recipient’s phone number or $Cashtag before sending a payment
-Frequently use your Cash App to build up a healthy transaction history

Rachel Gomez

List of Common Yahoo Issues-

-Yahoo Sign-In Not Working
-Sign In Page Keeps Reappearing
-Yahoo Account is Blocked
-The Bookmark Feature Not Working
-Yahoo Browser Issues
-Yahoo Issues With Your Operating System
-Yahoo Mail Is Not Working on Windows 10
-Yahoo Mail Is Not Working on Android or iPhone
-Yahoo Doesn’t Properly Display Emails
-Emails Not Sending or Receiving
-Yahoo Doesn’t Load on Thunderbird
-Missing Contacts

-Check the status of Yahoo Mail.
-Check that Caps Lock isn't on. Yahoo passwords are case-sensitive, so if Caps Lock is on, whatever you type won't work.
-Log in through the email-specific page.
-Confirm that your password is correct.
-Reset your password.
-Quit and restart the browser.

Rachel Gomez

Steps to Contact Yahoo Technical Support via the Help Center

If you want to solve a minor problem with your Yahoo account, you can use the following steps:

1. Go to Yahoo site to access Yahoo's Help Center page.

Note that you cannot contact Yahoo from this page, but you can get solutions to some common technical issues.

2. Select the See More button on the upper-right corner of the page.

3. On the drop-down menu that appears, choose the product you want to be helped with. E.g. if you want help with your Yahoo account, select Account. After you have selected a product, the product's help page will be opened.

4. Underneath the BROWSE BY TOPIC title on the left hand side of the screen, choose a topic that is related to your chosen product. This will subsequently showcase a list of resources articles.

5. Choose the most appropriate resource.

6. Review the resulting resource's page. Depending on the resource you chose, what appears thereafter varies; for most resources, there is a list of instructions, and information about the chosen topic.

E.g. if your product is Account, your topic is Account Security, and your resource is Secure your Yahoo account, you will get to a page that has different instruction sets on how to secure your account.

7. Follow the appropriate instructions. This step varies depending on what you want to do. After you have finished the tasks presented to you by the Help Center, you can go back to the main help center page and finish any other necessary tasks.

Rachel Gomez

Possible Solutions to Fix SBCglobal Email Login Issues:

Solution 1: Check Status of SBCglobal Server

-Basically, when the AT&T server is down, it is possible that you’ll face this error. So, before making any changes to your SBCglobal email settings, check that “Is the SBC Email server down or not.” You can check it on websites like ‘Downdetector.in.’
-To do so, search the website domain on Google search engine and then click on the first result to open the site.
-Once reached the site, choose the option with which you’re facing issues from the available domain server options. Or else search for it from the ‘Search Bar.’
-After that, you’ll get the answer whether your server is down or not!
-If it’s down for everyone then you can’t do much about it instead of waiting till the issue is fixed. But if it’s down only for you, then you can use another server for login.

Solution 2: Type Correct Email ID and Password:

-In most cases, users type the details in a hurry which is a common human tendency. So, if any of the users have the same habit of tying in a hurry then it’s better to be careful! To avoid this error, you need to type your email ID and password slowly.
-Also, at the same time check whether the ‘Caps lock key’ on the keyboard is on or not. It is also necessary to make sure that you turned it on and off according to your password otherwise you won’t be able to log in your account until you enter the correct login credentials.

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Rachel Gomez

Steps to clear Yahoo search history -

-Go to Yahoo site.
-Sign in.
-Click the trash icon next to an address.
-Click Clear History to clear all entries.
-Click Turn History Off to stop saving your history.

Rachel Gomez

If you can’t send your emails, the problem is very likely related to your SMTP server – the server taking care of the whole email delivery process. That is why it’s always better to rely on a professional server, even if you don’t have big mailing needs: for instance turboSMTP offers a handy free plan of 6.000 emails/month, lifetime.

And here’s a checklist to understand why you’re unable to send emails and troubleshoot any major problem:

-Check your internet connection. Yup. It happens. So first of all, be sure that you’re connected to the internet!
-Check your SMTP server details. This is an extremely common mistake: you have set up your mail client with the wrong SMTP parameters. To find out yours, please refer to our list of the most common ones or ask directly your provider.
Verify all usernames and passwords. Another small mistake that happens usually, so doublecheck your login details.
-Check your SMTP server connection. Now this is trickier: even if your SMTP details are correct, the server itself can be down or not functioning for some reason. Here’s a list of all the SMTP error codes to get your bearings; and remember again that using a professional outgoing server this won’t happen again.
-Change your SMTP port- The outgoing mail server uses normally port 25, but some ISPs may block it due to the increasing spam traffic that’s been passing through it. You can use then port 587 or 465; for more information read our article about SMTP ports.
Control your antivirus or firewall settings. Sometimes an outgoing mail server can conflict with the computer’s protection systems. So verify that your firewall or antivirus are not blocking it, setting up a proper exception rule.

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