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I co-founded Butterfly Coins, and designed and built this site. Hope you like it!

Gave it to the sweetest traveler from Germany, Sarah. Fly on!

I was given this coin by Ron and love the mission. I took the coin down to Puerto Rico where it has spent a few weeks hanging out in the warm Caribbean sun. I plan to give this coin to a friend of mine who is visiting from Australia, as I feel it will accomplish wonderful things on that side of the world.


~ John Lee Dumas

Passed this coin to someone with unlimited potential and big dreams. Fly on!

Plan to give this coin to someone I admire in the business world

Traci gave me this coin and has helped tremendously in my Real Estate business with "all things" Internet. I am somewhat TECH-tarted and she has been a blessing. Her kindness is unmatched.

Kaori’s birthday dinner at Tadashi. Great service by Anthony so we left him a coin. Do good & fly on!

Giving it to my good friend Tony, great to see him after several years!

This is the first Monarch coin off the truck. After helping the DHL driver unload all 50 boxes (whew!), I handed it to him along with a tip, and explained how it works. :)

My amazing Uncle Ron one of the founders of ButterflyCoins gave me this coin in Hutchinson Kansas for Christmas and I’m traveling back to San Francisco tomorrow. I’m so excited to find someone to give it to, thank you Uncle Ron!

Giving this coin to my intrepid Californian niece Traci. Hope she makes the next release as special as she is!

So grateful and can’t wait to pass on the love!

Giving this coin to my amazing niece Angela. She’ll know what to do. :)

Gave this coin to my wonderful cousin Sheryl today. She is the perfect type of person for a Butterfly Coin, caring and thoughtful and generous. I know it’s in good hands (for now).

My roommate just gave me this he helped me get off the street. I am so great ful and can not wait to pass it on. He showed me what true friendship is....

Gave coin to a Boy Scout troop leader, Jeff Beneski, at my son’s scout outing, so he could think about using them for a troop activity.

I got this coin from a lil old man and he gave me 100 dollars.. he got it for a ciggerette at a homeless shelter 😊

Paying the dinner tab for a mom and young daughter seated a few tables away from us anonymously. #covertkindness

Paid the dinner tab for a table of 6 at Jim’s diner, picked the table completely at random. Stayed anonymous. Feels like we’re committing a crime. Exhilarating! New tagline: Covert kindness

Gave this coin to someone who helped me out on short notice today when I really needed it - thanks Emily!

Bought a beer for $20 and gave my bartender the coin. She said she’s gonna leave a note and pay it forward. Fingers crossed!

Gave the coin and a twenty dollar bill to this dude who needed it outside Slicks. He promised to pay it forward in his own time and way.

This sort of thing is normally outside of my comfort zone. But with the coin in my pocket, I was actively looking for an opportunity to help someone – and damn if it didn't feel great.

Just gave the coin to our barista at Lola Savannah along with a nice tip... she was a little flustered, as was I, lol... probably thought we were a couple of religious nutjobs. Anyway, hope she reads this, figures out the program here and leaves a note, then passes the coin along in her own way.

On business trip to NYC... gave my barista a rather large cash tip along with the coin. She couldn't stop smiling. :)

Someone paid for my lunch in the Wendy's drive-thru in Lakeway, TX, when I was visited my family there. Taking coin back to SF and will figure out what this is all about. Thanks!

While our project is in its infancy, I thought I'd post this Example Coin with some fake story notes so you can see how the animated map works. Here's my first story note.

This is my backup coin for now - it might find its way out of my pocket soon...

This is a really special coin – the very first Butterfly Coin ever made. I've been keeping it in my pocket every day, and taking it out from time to time to fiddle with it. Hard not to.

I haven't yet decided its fate, but whatever I do with it should be meaningful. Stay tuned...

Edit the story note (click the 3 vertical dots on the right side of the note to open the story admin menu), then change the location using the map.

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Hi Dan, we've always allowed pic and video uploads when making a Story note. You'll see some if you browse through the Stories.

Which background image are you referring to that isn't sizing properly?

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Hi meedson, sorry for the delayed response. Whoever types in the coin's tracking code first becomes the "starter" of that coin, regardless of whether or not story notes are entered. So, you're friend's account should just start from the home page and enter each coin's code in the form near the top. That should do it.

Welcome, Cindy! Glad you're here. :)

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Hi Patty, thanks for your interest in bulk pricing. We can definitely work with you for quantities of 50 or more coins. Please email us the qty you’re thinking about to and we’ll get back with a quote.


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Great to have you here as a part of our budding movement, Jeff! Love your story notes so far. Thank you!

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Good luck! Too bad we're sold out.

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Welcome, MonarchsAlways, glad you're here!

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Make sure you’re seeing both shipping options - Priority (the more expensive option) and First Class (cheaper). That price sounds like Priority.

You need to go through checkout until you select the shipping method.

The prices are based on the weight of the coins, so the quantity you’re buying will factor in, too.

Thanks for posting! Holli's FB group is great, here is the link if anyone wants to join:

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Welcome, dhammapal, thanks for joining us here! Hope you're staying cool down under.

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No, but it’s something we’re considering. Unfortunately the legal and accounting overhead of getting and keeping non-profit status is not insignificant.

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That means you weren’t logged in when you made the note. Give me the coin’s url or first 4 characters of its tracking code and I’ll fix it for you.

Australia, Greece, UK and Germany so far.

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Thanks, elis. We're not 100% sure yet if we'll continue to produce them for the whole year. We definitely plan on releasing a couple more editions this year, though.

Thanks for your feedback, evie.

If/when you log a location on a note is completely up to you. Geolocation services and their accuracy vary from device to device, so it is an inexact science.

You can edit any story note you’ve made and change or even remove the location for that note.

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Love it!

Thank you so much! I share your hopes. :)

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