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John and Darlene,
This coin starts its journey with you. My heart will forever be greatful for what you did for my daughter this Christmas. ❤ your kind heart and generosity has been such a blessing to my family. You two are the most kind hearted couple I have met in recent years. John the world would be a little dimmer without your jokes and your personality. Darlene, you have such a kind heart and you're always there to help someone in need.

My hope is that you will take this coin, write a note and pass it on to someone who has touched your soul as you have mine. Then log into your account every so often to follow its journey. Knowing it all started with you. Merry Christmas John and Darlene!

-Samantha Bush

I have received this butterfly coin from my best friend Samantha Bush. Who will always have a place in my heart. There are many more family vacations, camping trips, BBQs, and birthday's to spend together with our family. Samantha is a daughter to my dad, mother to my kids, and a sister to my husband and me. And would not have it any other way. I love you girl.
I have been holding on to this butterfly coin long enough. I feel this is the right time to pass the coin on to one of my co-workers during this pandemic outbreak.
Ciff Nininger, I am giving you this butterfly coin to keep spreading kindness. I am intrusting you with this coin until you find the right person to pass it on to. Cliff you have showed alot of smiles , love , friendship, and kindness from your heart. Ciff you are a great friend that anyone can ask for. As this hospital we work together in family of love, kindness, and hope that has made are Doctors, Nurse's, CNAs, Housekeeper's, X-ray, Lab, and all other hospital employee's come together "STRONGER" and "UNITED".

This coin is in memory of my uncle Mike.  He was one of the most caring people I knew.  He would always lend a hand and always made people laugh. He was such a gentle soul and I truly miss him every day.

Aunt kathy, I give you this coin to remind you of all the wonderful times you both shared. Family is forever, no matter what. Take this coin, add a story note and give it to someone who inspires you or touches your heart like uncle Mike did.  Then have them write a note, give it away and watch it travel the world in his memory. It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

This was as gift from a friend Thad I’ve never met, but who grows closer every day. I’m going through one of the roughest patches in my life and this is one of the best Xmas gifts I got. I will hold onto it until better times are on the horizon and then pass it on to someone more in need than me right now. Thanks, Nate.

To you Roy and Tammy, my family. We have been through a lot these last few years. Some good and some bad, but we stuck close and managed to lift each other up when we needed it the most. Some of my most treasured memories are at the lake hanging around the fire or going for a cruise on the boats. The Texas trip was probably the best. 7 whole days with you my family floating down the river on tubes. Best. Day. Ever. We've also had our share of heartache and pain but we got through it because we were there for each other. Your kids are like my own and I will forever cherish the time I have gotten to spend with them. Even cake fights at birthday parties.. haha! Always a fun time when I hang out with you guys!

So I give you this coin to remind you of all the fun times we've had. Family is forever, no matter what. Never forget that. Please pass this coin on to someone you feel needs the love we've shared as a family. Add a story note and pass it on to someone as special to you as you are to me. My hope is this love and coin will travel for miles. Keep the code to log in every so often to watch it travel and grow. With each new recipient so comes a new story of love, encouragement and the ability to pay it forward.

You are my family and I love you very much. Please pay it forward this holiday season!

You are such a great friend and I am honored to be your friend after all of this. You're an unlikely angel for sure. I didn't expect to have such personal talks with you but we did. We're a lot alike in many ways I think. I will forever cherish the chats we had and the therepy sessions while painting. Thank you for lending an ear when i needed it, a shoulder to cry on and a friend to say follow your arrow. It means more to me than you know. So please take this coin and pass it on to someone who has impacted your life as you have mine. Paying it forward is my wish this holiday season. My hope is this coin will travel far and wide because of your willingness to be there in my time of need. Merry Christmas Megan! I love you lady!

This coins journey starts with you. You impacted my life a great deal after our coffee date. You're such a strong and wonderful person and I am so lucky to call you my friend. So I encourage you to pass this on to someone who has impacted your life. Someone who you confided in, someone you call a friend. Remember this always. We rise when we lift others up and that's exactly the impact you had on me. Now go pay it forward!

Very thoughtful gift from someone who has grown to be very special in my life. I was told how big of an impacted, I have made in their life, based on the Universal law of cause and effect. I live my life under 1 concept, that is when you receive, you must give back.. Not just to manipulate the Law of Attraction, but to pay it forward by doing something nice for random people with no expectation of receiving anything in exchangr, but to do selfless deeds that may seem small to you, but could have enormous ripple effect on another. When I am asked what do I want from them? I reply pay it forward.
So now I pass this coin to you, manner of our friendship was unorthodox, Though we have not personal met one another, you are 1 of the few I call a friend, you have helped me with things and I did same for you. Your trust in me for what you did this last year, had such an impact, friends Ive Known most of my life never put that level of trust onto me. And for that you always have a friendship here. So naturally I choose to send this off to you as a gesture of our friendship, I know you will keep this going. You inspired and gave me hope when I was at a lose of a plan of action.
Helped me when no one else would.
For that thank you!

This coin and idea all started with you. 7 in total that I have given out this holiday sesson. Each one with their own journey. Your generosity and the way you look at the world is inspiring. You're warm and a light to many people who meet you. You've inspired me to change the world and these 7 coins will do just that. It's no coincidence that I have started with 7 coins and they will forever be out there inspiring the next person. It all started with you. Take this coin and pass it on. Keep this code so you can look back and see the impact you've had on people. And always remember this.. It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

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