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Do good & fly on! Helicopter pilot

Wow!! This has been is my car for a very long time! I just found it and gifted to the sweet man who filled my tires with air 😋


A break through from quarantine.

Today I joined the 360 Dwellings team! Neil and his top tier real estate producers have taken me under as one of their own, very excited for this next chapter. The good deed in this coin has yet to be fulfilled. Surprises are my favorite! Best of luck Neil, do good and fly on.

Thanks for helping organize my van, it was really nice to meet you! Can’t wait to hangout again when I get back

Shawna showed me the world through spreading the word of Jesus

Lovely Joels breakfast.

The love of my life gave me this coin before he said goodbye to me for the last time, i had not seen or spoken to him for 4 years, all while keeping this coin in my special pocket, and his face engraved in my mind. Two days ago i was out for a stroll when i heard a familiar voice, i swiftly turned around and saw him, alive and well. When i called his name he looked at me, stunned. I watched his sculpted figure reach into his pocket and pull out his phone, before i knew it the authorities were cuffing me, i had breached the terms of my restraining order. This coin is now in the hands of the east Pasco police department. i still love you brad, dinner soon, on me.

A young man by the John McCormick crosses paths with me today

Here in Kaltag, Alaska with veterinarian Dr. Seth. What an outstanding individual with an exemplary worth ethic! Excited to work with him again in 2020! He saved my bacon 🥓 at checkpoints, this coin is for the $100 I will be giving back to you when I visit Colorado in July for the 4th! Cheers Dr.Seth Do good and fly on buddy!!

Here with Amy Stone, doing good and flying onward she she sets out on more medical missions serving those in 3rd world nations who are less fortunate and can not afford proper medical attention. Thanks for all your hard work Amy, keep up the good work!

My longtime best friend Selkirk gave me this coin, I would’ve liked to hold on to it forever but that’s why we are best friends, I have him forever. So I passed the coin on after sharing the story of it at a dinner at mialinas to a girl I know will pass the message on.
Life moves on man, keep the coin moving too.

Here at Roxys!

BFF 4 Life

Dear Todd,
You have been such a dear friend to me these past years, it’s time I pass it on and pay it forward. Thanks again for the hard work and wonderful time living together. This coin is for the delicious tacos we will feast upon this evening and the start to a new chapter in 2019. Together we will conquer the Colburn Compound!

Can’t wait to transition with you into our new location!

I recived this coin from my very good friend Patricia I can’t wait to share it with other lovely people 🙂

I received this coin from Fatu Harris for been kind and caring for others. We both work at Good Shepperd home in Watford City.

I received this coin from Becky, for taking good care of her mother at the Good Shepherd Home. I want to say thank you and that I truly appreciate it, I will pass it on!

I was given this coin by WC real estate and can't wait to share it with someone new. I have the perfect person my Mom has such a sweet caregiver. Great idea

Amazed. Marie Antoinette Kelley

This coin I gave to my good friend Lane Rasmussen. He loves to give, and has been there through thick and thin. Housed me in times of need, and enjoyed my 15th birthday when my parents and family were out of town. Truly a great friend. Do food & fly on!

From the Pedersen family

Dear Nizzoli, wow the last decade has been amazing. So glad to see you sharing the love of kindness. Julian, you have truly been an original (G)Friend. Our future is going to be wild.

Patches’Ohulahan was so kind to our traveling Alaskan friends. He kept us in his beautiful trailer and fed us food for Kings. Thanks again for the years of friendship, stay safe and pay it forward! Love you pal

Darby’s comencement speaker gave a great speech on kindness. Blessed to have been here listening with both ears. Congratulations Darby on your graduation, and thank you Brian for spreading the message of wearing a smile.

To my dear friend, MO... Stay on track with your ability to be connected with like minded individuals. Let this token be a marker in your recovery. I appreciate you as a friend and want to see you reach your full potential.

Was in Montana on the train and heard a young man one seat behind me say he was hungry had just got on the train just got a 4 piece broasted chicken so I gave him a thigh and he gave me the coin can’t wait to pay it forward

Amazing story.

Thanks for the chicken! Man was I hungry 😋

I just met Bruce and Selkirk on Amtrak as we go rolling through the snowy fields of North Dakota in The sunshine. I’m grateful to be joining them in this kindness revolution because our world could change in beautiful ways if we treat each other compassionately. Let’s celebrate that we come from all backgrounds and walks of life, and at the fundamental level we are all the same, in this together. Peace to all beings.

On Amtrak spreading the word of love, kindness and compassion. This coin is going to my newest friend Rebecca! Fly on and do good :)

Congratulations on winning the Watford City Real Estate Group 15 days of giving, day five prize for a hundred dollar gift certificate at Watford City Veterinary Center. Enjoy the gift, do good & fly on!

Fun fun! Giving kindness is fun!!!

Roses are red violets are blue, here’s a poem I made for you.
Ashley thanks for your service, your smile is nice and bright. You are probably worth the fight. If I didn’t have a flight we’d be just right.

Enjoy your life! Do good & fly on lil Ash.

Here we go!

Hey world! At the oasis here in a Austin, Texas. Just got my first coin at the launch party. So ready to change this world! One coin at a time. DO GOOD & FLY ON!

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