Coin Stories for Shemchin

I am sending this butterfly coin along with 2 $5.00 Starbuck’s gift cards to my Brenda Novak Book Buddie and challenging her to buy two people’s coffee and to pass on the coin to at least one person. This coin is traveling to Elma, WA.

I am sending this coin to Elma, WA to my Brenda Novak Book Buddie with 2 $5.00 Starbucks gift cards to challenge her to pay for someone’s coffee and pass the butterfly coins along to at least one of the persons.

I sent this coin off in the mail today. At first I was going to write a thank you note to this person because she sent me a bookmarker & she didn’t even know me - we are in the same online Facebook book group but then I decided to send her a couple of books & bookmarkers. (I have been hanging on to these coins & doing acts of kindness so I am going to try to make a better effort to merge the two). Surprise!!!

I sent this coin off today in a random acts of kindness package to an online book club member who I met last month in San Antonio. I told her I would send her a shirt that I had from the author that I got in a monthly book box if she would give me her address but of course anyone who knows me, I can’t just send one thing. I hope she likes the other things I sent. Surprise!!!

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