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I passed this coin on to Ashleigh, who bottle-fed four kittens from two separate litters. Unfortunately, none of the kittens lived, but she gave them so much love and care while she had them. She has also been proactive in getting the word out about the abandoned cats in our community. With her help, I have trapped two male cats. They received medical care, were neutered and now have a home on a local ranch, where they are safe and protected while they keep the mouse population in control. Ashleigh is a true hero.

To my good friend Pete...the sage on Baldy good and draw on my friend:)

Thank you Alison! We love you ...that’s all :)

To the nice lady at super one so let me cut in line with my carrot juice cheese and meat I think you do good and shop on !!!

To Roger, Michael and the everyone with the band! What a great gift you gave our family and the entire community....I send a heartfelt thank you with this coin. Your energy, art, and boundless conversation is welcome here anytime. Sincerely hope to see you in our door again and I do want to be a roady for the airshow:)...Strum well and fly on my friends!!

The land of butterfly’s...Australia!!! So excited to explore and trek with our most gracious hosts the Curtis family and Kerry Trapnell!! So grateful and thankful to reunite our families and share food and adventure...much more to add as their kindness is endless:)

To Ms. Jessica, to her from me, RD, measle, and all the furry beasts with long whiskers that she and her team make so happy! Really appreciate having you on the team!

Do good, bark and fly on !

To my good long time friend Carol Seiler!

Looking forward to that long overdue meeting and reminiscing of some fabulous moments spent together!

I'm including a container with ashes of our mutual gift from the universe and solar explorer Johnny Mittl. A unique soul that we both had the extreme good fortune to spend many years with...he wanted his dog Blackie and cat Pongo mixed with him so we complied and continue to spread the lot of them:) He was the king of crematoria and truly one with the animals. I can say that kindness was his middle name and it seems right that a tribute to Johnny and all that he left to the earth goes with it.

He was always there at any time of day or night with a smile on a face and a quick joke as well. You are missed Johnny, yet we really know you are in that saucer flying amongst us all!

Fly free my friend!

Buster all healed up and running like a champ:)

To my friend Daniel: thanks for all you do as our rep. Do good and fly on!

To my new friend Emily. She puts a new meaning to the word grit! An amazing woman with an incredible journey through the tussocks on the Iditarod! Do good and mush-on!

Great nite at stone home. Thanks for all you do!

To my good friend Tom! For all the good you have done and continue to on my brother!

Another interesting Amtrak connection made! Bruce and Anna...was so great to compare life notes and discuss all things Montana, travel, wine and more. Continue to live well and buy a drink forward:)...I'm sure our paths will cross in Idaho or elsewhere. Do good and fly on!


Today, 1/23/19, while doing a favor for researchers at Butte Montana's university,, I came across Joe W. who not only filled out the research questionnaire himself, but took one for a friend to complete. Joe works at a place where kindness naturally flows out to everyone who enters. So I'm sure he will have no difficulty doing a random act of kindness for someone and then passing this beautiful blue Swallowtail butterfly on to just the right person. Thanks a lot, Joe. Do Good and Fly On!

I received this coin from our local veterinarian because of my sponsorship of a Trap-Neuter-Return program we are collaborating on for the stray cats in our area. I have not yet passed the coin on, but am on the look-out for a worthy recipient.

Coin is safely living in our lakefront home in Sagle--soon to fly the coop though. Stay tuned for where it lands! Bill & Rick

This coin I gave to my good friend Lane Rasmussen. He loves to give, and has been there through thick and thin. Housed me in times of need, and enjoyed my 15th birthday when my parents and family were out of town. Truly a great friend. Do food & fly on!

To bill and Rick thank you for the great evening of wine and conversation! Do good and fly on!

An evening of rich conversation, shared kindness (lots of everyone buying everyone drinks), and meeting of new friends. Credit goes to Mary Kay for seeing the obvious Butte in the Butterfly Coins. :) Love Butte America and the Silver Dollar saloon!

Visitor today at the hospital...88kg Male goat that is "Huge" on personality:) A bit big but the team treated him like a big dog and welcomed him into the treatment sanctuary. We got him feeling much better and hopefully out of the woods and back on track. Wishing Dyno a speedy recovery and a very Merry Christmas to him, his goat comrades and his beautiful loving family! Do G-o-o-o-o-d, and fly on my goat friend:)

I bought and made my boss a margarita and gave him the coin to take to the city with him (better chance to spread its wings as I’m living in a very small town!)

The profession of veterinary medicine can hold the best of moments and often some of the more difficult. Poor little Buster fractured his femur and his family was having difficulty coming up with the funds for the surgery. Willing to do anything to help their little Buster...I felt it time for a Bright Blue Ulysses to swoop down to the rescue:) After my day of continued blessings it just seems the obvious thing to do. Merry Christmas and bring continued good energy to your family lil Buster, heal well, Do good and Fly on!

Made our day!!!! Thank you so much for your generosity, kindness and hearts of gold:) If I had a gold butterfly coin you would be the recipient...I do have this brass one with much gratitude and thanks for everything that you have done and continue to do! Surprise food in a veterinary clinic is one of best things ever. We give you a heartfelt (and tummyfelt) Thank you. Also the efforts of reaching out, funding, and helping to find a solution for the stray animals of our Community. You are appreciated very very much! Continue to do good and fly on my friends!

Started Here.

Did a reverse act and gave this coin to Renee from the Williston Herald when she bought my coffee at door 204 in Watford. Thank you Renee! Appreciate the interview and thanks for helping us spread the message of kindness:)

Darby’s comencement speaker gave a great speech on kindness. Blessed to have been here listening with both ears. Congratulations Darby on your graduation, and thank you Brian for spreading the message of wearing a smile.

Picked up Lance hitchhiking from sandpoint. Lance I sincerely hope this coin inspires you to get clean and beat your demons...may you develop deep connections and together uncover the source of your struggles. All the best my friend.

To Cheryl the most bestest cabbie in the Bakken! Thanks for the great lift to Williston:)

This will be a token of the great time you gave me hiking up Baldy the day you left:) Maybe a reverse coin, but deservant of a big hug, thank you, and a first edition Butterfly Coin:) Yet another hop across the water to Norway...Rio let the little flapper out your pocket and spread the goodwill!

This coin made it into Rio's bag on the send off to her new job...Rio please let us know its course and don't drop it in the snow:)

Merry Christmas to the nice young family at Jim’s diner:)

I passed it on to Dr. Costello and her SO Mike:) Anxious to hear their reaction.

This is one of the first prototype coins...going to do an experiment to start the conversation around a podcast. It is one thing to recommend something to someone, another to find a creative way to get them to share in the experience. My brother in law was the first to really introduce me to this podcast. He is one of the most authentic, articulate, truth seeking philosophers I have come across in recent years. Not perfect and I don't agree with many of his views but for the pure appreciation of good dialogue and great conversation...please listen and pass it on:) Please let me know your thoughts.

Wow...the butterfly is emerging from its cocoon....a destiny of global giving. A big decision indeed on what to be the first path of a beautiful fledging butterfly...trusting it to find its way.

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Free beer?

Dogs will do anything for food

Can't believe the impact that had on me as a recipient. Billings Montana McDonalds on the interstate, sometime last fall....if you read this thank you:) I am going to emulate.

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