Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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I received this coin from two people. You know, the kind you feel like you know immediately, embracing them in to your world of deep friends without question. Bruce and Heather, THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful, soul-filled home. Loved the conversation, looking forward to the next one!
I will give this coin to a person who I know will give it an interesting next home.
I may elaborate on my coin story in the future :-)

To Roger, Michael and the everyone with the band! What a great gift you gave our family and the entire community....I send a heartfelt thank you with this coin. Your energy, art, and boundless conversation is welcome here anytime. Sincerely hope to see you in our door again and I do want to be a roady for the airshow:)...Strum well and fly on my friends!!

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