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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by jensueknick1
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Thanks, Jenny. I love this project. I'd like to pass on the coin to Katie MacDonald. Katie ran into someone at WalMart who couldn't afford to buy diapers for his child. Katie picked up the tab and made another person's day better. Way to look out for those in need!

Every year I collect monarch eggs and caterpillars, raise them to butterflies, and release them. At the end of the season I also tag them. I love that this coin has a monarch butterfly! I also LOVE the idea behind "The Butterfly Effect of Kindness".

Dr. Voskuil sent out an email today that was directly related to this idea:
"Take the time today to pick out someone for this project, even just one person. Your person can be a co-worker, a patient, or a stranger. Be intentional with this; make it something outside of your normal duties. Tell yourself—"I’m going to make that person’s life better today” with a kind word, a work of service, or a random act of kindness. It does not have to be something big, it just has to be sincere. See if it doesn’t give you joy just as much as it gives joy to others." So Dr. V, this coin's for you!

Please add your story to our coin, and pay it forward! I look forward to following along on this coin's journey <3

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