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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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Very soon this butterfly will be given to my Sister Peggy when she comes to visit me and we go to Summerfest - the largest musical festival in the world. Peggy had a knee replacement and I went and stayed with her for a few days to help her out and drive her to physical therapy. Peggy is an absolute joy to be around and has a heart of pure gold. Her problem will be who to give this butterfly to as she is ALWAYS showing kindness and will do anything for anyone! Love you Sis.


Labor and Delivery is losing one of our best Nurses and a great Friend! We have all enjoyed working with you over the years, and you will certainly be missed. Hopefully all of those extra hours you put in to help out your team will now allow you to have fun and many travels during your retirement :-)

Your co-workers at Aurora

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