Coin 23vm

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by jensueknick1
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3,549 miles traveled


My little niece has brought this coin to the west coast of Ireland!! Its currently in a little village called Ballylongford in Co.Kerry!!

As my girls have become quite the butterfly chasers and worm diggers, they’ve learned a lot from their discovery experiences. They’ve explored not only the great outdoors but also the compassion and delicate balance of life. They’ve befriended some other adventurous friends, and we are passing our coin on to one of my oldest girl’s little buddies who also isn’t afraid of a little dirt. Adventure awaits!

I'm passing along this coin to my beautiful "naturalist" daughter, Jessica, and her family (husband Dave, daughters Julia & Maria). They all love and enjoy the great outdoors, nature and all its beauty and I know they'll take very good care of this coin and pass it on to the best person possible. I appreciate the thoughtful kindness of my co-workers and will miss them terribly, but I now know that their thoughtfulness will give joy and be spread hopefully far & wide via this traveling coin!!


You are a such a wonderful Nurse and Friend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and 40 YEARS of experience with all of us. It just won't be the same without you! Enjoy your retirement--you certainly deserve it :-)

Your Co-workers from Aurora

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