Coin 23wm

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by mingusc
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777 miles traveled


This was giftedto me from a very dear friend after the loss of our daughter, sister, mother, friend.

I am passing this on to my dearest friend of 65 years, she has had a very difficult year ill family and a cancer diagnosis.

A lover of butterflys I asked her once "can you ever have to many butterflys emphatically replied NO.


This coin was given to me by my niece in October 2019.
She is a great and kind person and I was so thrilled to get this. Butterflies were my mothers favorite thing in the world (along with birds) and my niece Stephanie knew I would love the coin.

I am passing this along to my dear friend Nancy who has had tremendously difficult few years with the death of her father and son. She is kind and giving and a wonderful friend, I am giving this to her for her birthday and she does not need to pass it on until she finds the perfect person who could use a butterfly coin to bring a bit of cheer.

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