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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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San Diego Zoo received this coin from the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, New Jersey on May 17, 2019 during the launch of San Diego Zoo Kids channel at the Goryeb Children's Hospital. By bringing a sloth, penguin, and other amazing animals, Turtle Back Zoo brought tremendous joy so many ill children that day. They also spent numerous hours helping us film four new stories for the channel. They are the ultimate community partner. Today, May 31, I pass this coin on Tim Morrow, CEO of San Antonio Zoo, who helped us bring the San Diego Zoo Kids channel to Children's Hospital of San Antonio. It is wonderful to know that the channel will bring these children hope, happiness, and healing. Debra Erickson

2/2019- It’s extremely rare to find someone who looks outside themselves and treats others with extraordinary kindness. Just as rare as Lucas and Lara. Both children have an extremely rare genetic disorder: Cockayne Syndrome. Estimated 2 per million births. Children with Cockayne Syndrome are extremely friendly and know how to make even the toughest day brighter. Cockayne Syndrome is known as a rapid aging disorder which causes multiple symptoms that result in a short life expectancy but we don’t let that stop us from having fun and living life. Follow our adventures and the Butterfly Effect of Cockayne Syndrome on Facebook- Marini Bucket List. Love the life you live.

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