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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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I gratefully received this beautiful Ulysses coin in Gibsonville, NC, for Valentines Day 2019 from one of my oldest and dearest friends, Linda. Her random act of kindness in sending it to me warmed my heart! I've kept it with me for 5 months, enjoying its beauty and savoring meaning, taking it to Boston, MA (twice), Myrtle Beach, SC, Spain, France, England and Craigville, Cape Cod, MA. I'm now letting it go to fly on with a lovely new friend, Amy, who I met this week at a theological colloquy on Cape Cod, MA. Having cared for many with great kindness throughout her life, I sense that she's ready to begin some wonderful new adventures and enter into a process of metamorphosis that will bring her much joy! I wish her well, with love!
Rebecca 🦋❤

My coin starts its journey to a long-time friend who I have known for years. She is indeed a sister to me and though apart now, this is a perfect way to honor all her acts of kindness. Sending it for Valentine's Day 2019!! Linda

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