Coin 2784

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by Shahrun
3 storytellers
8,745 miles traveled


This will be going to my Bookcrossing Europe and UK Secret Santa who is ???? and lives in ?????

This Butterfly Coin has come back to East London! Thanks Herchelle for including this in my Bookcrossing Samhain Exchange parcel. I wonder where it will travel to next?

This ButterflyCoin is now travelling again across the Atlantic to Poodlesister as part of the Samhain exchange this year. We just had our first snowfall here in Southern Alberta, so that is it for butterflies, but I do have a resident Ladybird in one of my plants.
Blessed Samhain to you!

Thank you so much for this beautiful Butterfly coin, how thoughtful and especially that it arrived three days before my 64th birthday. I have been feeling bored, useless and so unmotivated being at home, but having this butterfly in my hand gives me some hope and energy. Blessings Be, dear Bookcrossing friend!

Sending the coin off to Canada to a fellow BookCrosser who loves Random Acts of Kindness.

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