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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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I was gifted this amazing coin by a co-worker at Christmas in 2018. I've carried it in my purse and have done many acts of kindness in its honor. All the while I've been waiting for the right moment and soul to pass it along to.
Enter Keni.
About a year ago the universe plopped one of the most delightful humans I've ever encountered into my life and heart, Ms. Keni Nodland. Keni IS kindness. She spreads light and joy wheverever she goes. She embodies the very ripple effect this coin was created to inspire. From our clients to friends and strangers alike Keni is known by many for her sweet and giving spirit.
After catching some of the hardest curveballs life can throw, Keni and her fiance' have made a recent unepxected move to Houston, Texas. It is in heartbreak and love that we send her off. My parting 'act of kindness' was registering to become a bone marrow donor- in support of CJ and blood cancer warriors everywhere. My hope is that any future coin recipient reading this story will do the same.
In the meantime I pray that this coin brings with it floods of kindness, support, and encouragement to Keni, CJ, and family.

Keni- When the time is right and the gratitude is great- pass this off to someone who reminds you of the greatness in giving. Just like you have for me and so many. Until then, and always, we're holding you up in love and light 🦋.

This coin arrived in Currituck, North Carolina, in December of 2018, to be given as "Secret Santa" gift at an office Christmas party. It was officially released on the morning of December 15th in Norfolk, Virginia. The extra beauty of this gift is that the company we work for is aptly named, Butterfly Effects! I look forward to following the progression of kindness as this first butterfly finds its wings and takes flight.

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