Coin 27x2

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by Mrsknoebel
2 storytellers
1,559 miles traveled


I received this coin from a woman in which I am not sure I would have made it through my younger years without her. She amazes me every day. We have been through the most trying times in our lives. She has taught me to keep going, even when life seems so bad. Even when we haven't talked in forever, I have always felt her with me.

I am now going to send this to another amazing friend. This friend made it possible for me have courage in life today. She "gets" me. She taught me how to have fun and that saying Fuck It is just ok. We can be in a room for hours not talking and have a blast.

It is only appropriate I would receive this coin from my best friend April and that I pass it on to my best friend Casey. You two are sincerely the truest of friends. It has been and is an honor to be in both of your lives. I am blessed.

I wanted to send a special gift to a special friend who I know will pass it on to other special people in their lives and I get to watch how far it travels and the kind words that are written about how they received it.

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