Amy's Goodness

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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You've received a Talus Rock Retreat butterfly coin from the home base! Here, at Talus Rock Retreat, the mission of the butterfly effect rings loudly throughout our retreat. Since our beginnings, we've considered Talus Rock Retreat as a blessing from God to bring joy, love, and rest to each divine appointment who enters our doors. Perhaps it was the intended peace and quiet you felt during your stay, the joyous company of another, the sight of a spectacular sunrise, an unexpected wildlife spotting, or some other wonderful memory that made your stay extra special. Whatever it was, may Talus Rock Retreat become the perfect launchpad to continue the flight of kindness and inspire you to continue to do one good deed after another. Soul to soul, keep the butterfly effect moving throughout the world. Do Good & Fly On! We absolutely love you, Amy and thank you and Lincoln for making the world a better place!

Here with Amy Stone, doing good and flying onward she she sets out on more medical missions serving those in 3rd world nations who are less fortunate and can not afford proper medical attention. Thanks for all your hard work Amy, keep up the good work!

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