Gift from God

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by Mariposa
2 storytellers
17 miles traveled


I received this butterfly coin through a beautiful gal named Mari.
Mari also gave a coin to each of the others who had gathered together that day. It really touched my heart to see everyone listening and expressing love, care and prayer for one another.
Seeing everyone's heartfelt desire, support and prayer to help each other win with Jesus over life's battles was amazing!
My prayers continue for you, Mari and for all our treasured friends from that day. I pray the Lord to use each of us in similar ways to "pay it forward."
Blessings to all,

This coin went to Pamela, a new friend and sister in Christ as a token gift from God. 🎁

Remember Pamela, the devil is a liar and you can do All things to Christ who strengthens you! 💪🏼

Now it is your turn to pass on this coin along with an act of kindness. ❤️

May the prayers and acts of kindness that accompany this coin be a blessing to all who receive it! - Mari 🦋

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