Coin 29f9

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by SwanSongInn2017
2 storytellers
3,902 miles traveled


My sweet mama sent this coin to us along with a bunch of other goodies. Her grandson (4yrs old) was so excited to open a package all the way from Missouri from his mema. He looks forward to pass along kindness along with this coin!

Brenda was excited to get her egg crates but even more so to learn about this wonderful project. I believe she will pass on this coin and maybe get some more of her own. Thank you for being you Brenda. Lets watch the ripples go out.

Inn Keeper Cheri

I am giving this coin to a wonderful woman who live the pay it forward lifestyle as well. She generously gave me some of her extra eggs, had had them in a large tin can because she had ran out of cartons.

So I saw an opportunity to not only pay it forward but to insure she would pass it on.

I am looking forward to see where the ripples of kindness go with the launch of this coin.

I will add another picture when I give it to her.


Hello. This is my first coin. I bought three. I live the pay it forward lifestyle and proactively look for opportunity to help other. I am excited to be able to give this one away soon.

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