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Hey babygirl guess what?? I’m I’m Tennessee with uncle Nick and Prestin, for P’s basketball tournament it’s a national tournament so it’s exciting and also the trip so much fun! We went through Wisconsin and Illinois then Kentucky (which was a surprise lol) then crossed the border into Tennessee and we are in the city of Clarksville! Prestin’s first game is about to start so I’ll update you after! Te amo mucho mi amor!!
Ps please give me and his team the wings to fly and win and play with heart and soul and have the best time ever! Thanks little mamas you are the best XOXOXOXOXOX

Mi amor, I can’t wait to tell you all about our Fourth of July trip to Nebraska to see the family! I miss you and love you so much. Me and auntie Jennie and June and uncle Sergio and Shirley are driving back home to Mn now. I thought about you every second babygirl. It rained yesterday but I saw a rainbow 🌈 and 2 butterflies🦋one white one 🥰and one big monarch 🦋💜 The fireworks were spectacular but I bet you had the best view from heaven 💜 te amo mucho!

Not all of my pictues would upload, so I'm going to try to add them again xoxo

Hello Sweet Girl!

We started our vacation a couple days ago, it's my first time at Wisconsin Dells.

Everything has been a new adventure each day, its so liberating to take away the mundane same day routine.

Among the many adventures, your cousins Anthony and Prestin have been living it up with Damario and Danny, running around as big boys do making their own memories to cherish.

Savanha has taken to the pool like a real life mermaid and making new friends wherever she goes. She is so sweet, fierce and independent.

My favorite part of our trip is all the time we are spending together, no matter what we do or where we go, its the company we keep that makes everything so special and I am thrilled to share our time with you. We know you are watching from above and that your spirit is with us.

Love you baby girl 🥰🥰🥰

Hi Scarlett,
Your mom & I were out on the patio the other day and 2 white butterflies came so close to me, i could have reached out and touched them. White butterflies are not common and i knew in my heart it was you, giving your mom a sign that you are there. We all miss & love you so much. There isn't a day that goes by that we aren't missing you. Keep giving us signs baby girl.
Love you infinity.
-Nick, Nicole, Anthony, Prestin & Savanha

Hola Mi Amor,
You’ll never guess where I am lol…I’m at the Rodeo with uncle nick and auntie Nicole and savanha!! The horses are so beautiful, they remind me of you. There’s this one little girl who looks like just lucky riding spirit and of course made me think of you. I miss you babygirl! Te amo mucho Mi Amor 🐎🦋💜

Hi Scarlett
I’m in California and I was thinking of you!
Love you

hi scarlett!! i’m just sitting in this cliff in la jolla with santos and it’s beyond beautiful. just sitting here thinking about you and that beautiful smile and how much i miss you. love you so much -mya<3

Alyssa’s bachelorette party weekend!! 🦋💜💜 thinking of you babygirl, I’ll tell you more later about how fun and crazy and amazing this weekend was, love you always and forever ❤️❤️🦋💜🦋

Wow, I’ve never seen this before, Scarlett! You sure know how to bring people together and make them smile. We all miss you, but I want you to know how strong your mom is and how much we see you in her. She’s so proud of you and you can be so proud of her. Speaking of butterflies, I saw a big, beautiful yellow butterfly the other day when I was on walk. I even tried to take picture but it wouldn’t stay still long enough! I bet you and everyone who saw were laughing and wondering what the heck this crazy lady was doing running around. I’ve never stopped to take a picture of a butterfly before. Next time, I’ll be quicker. ☺️

Hi scarlett!
i took a trip by myself with my best friend sophia to chicago and we’re having sooo much fun!! lollapalooza was so much fun and a crazy experience. i love and miss you so much baby girl and not a single day goes by where your not on my mind. you give me the strength to be brave and do things a normally wouldn’t do because i think of how strong you are and how i want to be as strong as you!! love you 3000 scarlett💜
-love mya :)

Hi Scarlett!
Marissa and I are in Central Park in NYC today and it’s so beautiful!! So many different people from all walks of life!! I was just telling Marissa that I wished you were here and she said not to worry because she feels like you can see everything through her S necklace that she always wears to remember you ❤️

Love you so much!!
Auntie Jennie and little Riss

😍😍 little mamas, guess what? Today I helped uncle Noah and Tori move in with grandma!! and uncle Isaiah was there too helping!! There was a whole big mix up issue with the U-haul.… it was kinda funny in a way that will be funnier much later when re-telling the story of “moving day” 😂 anyways, we missed you SOO much, you have no idea 💜and like Santos said, I’ve also been seeing butterflies 🦋 everywhere lately! Thank you for that babygirl! It’s been special every time🦋🥰 I think about you every single day. It’s been 10 weeks since you went back to heaven and it feels like just yesterday. I know time is different in heaven, but I gotta tell you babygirl, Time is different here on earth without you too. Right now, I’m babysitting matcha for auntie Jennie, she’s in New York with Riss!! They drove there and hit a 🦌 Bambi 😭😂 and messed up papas front bumper 😂 but remember when I told you about my trip to New York when I was a teenager (and uncle Noah got kicked off the subway 🤣🤣), well guess what that’s where they are now! And Santos has been there too and right now, guess what?? Mya is in Chicago for a big music festival!! And grandma and Noah and tori have been getting the basement ready for them, they put a shed up outside and are redoing the basement it’s so cool! You’d love it!! They are really getting it done! Harper misses you so much too! Grandmas been telling me how sometimes she been naughty because she’s missing you so much it makes her upset. So, Send her some extra love so she’s not sad all the time! Thanks babygirl!! Mama misses you sooooooo much 😘😘😘😘😘 I miss you to heaven and back! Always and forever 💜💜💜🦋🦋🦋❤️❤️❤️

Hey Scarlett! Today i went surfing for the 2nd time it was so fun! I caught a couple of waves and even saw a skark. My friends were all there and it was a really nice time. Ive been seeing a lot of butterflies lately and i feel your love everytime they appear. Your mom, aunt, and cousin are coming out next month and im so excited to show them all the cool things ive found here. I love you so much and miss you everyday! <3


Hi Bubbie. I know you’re with Jesus but I miss you very much. It is mom’s birthday today. I got her a Costco cake-of course. I am taking care of bluey just like mom said. Harper is doing ok but she misses you too. She is mopey but she also ate a bag of cashews and got a stomach ache. She is ok though. I love you punkin, GGL, Grandma

Good morning babygirl! It’s my 32nd birthday and I’m missing you like crazy but I know you’re here with me always. I love you so much! Auntie Jennie made me breakfast and I’m sitting here with uncle Sergio and tia Shirley and Santos and drinking my coffee talking about how beautiful you are. How much we miss you. I talked to grandma this morning and she misses her bubbie so much and she’s keeping bluey safe and I've got spirit with me too. Love you to the moon at back always and forever, I true love kiss you ❤️💜❤️

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