Coin 29zv

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by guest_hhbrndf
4 storytellers
6,711 miles traveled


I received this coin from my late mother as a Christmas gift. She ordered it online to promote kindness. She was an amazing woman that always thought of everyone else first. She is no longer with us but she is watching it’s worldwide travels. I then gave to Sean and Kathleen in Speyside, Tobago for their amazing hospitality and SCUBA diving operation and all the altruistic things they are doing for the dogs of Tobago.

Received this coin from Micael Malmberg while he was at home spending a nice weekend at Pirque , Santiago de Chile.
He is a very good man, with very good feelings and most of all avery good friend

Received this coin from Kathleen Robertson, as I visited Speyside, Tobago. Kathleen and Sean was giving me an unforgetable stay at the Tobago dive Experience. Kathleen has a big heart from all animals especially dogs.

Received my coin from Sean & Michelle, they donated a big bag of dog collars, etc. for the TTSPCA in Tobago in conjunction with my "Divers for Dogs" foundation.

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