Coin 2b3f

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by Dpeffer
2 storytellers
1 mile traveled


The person who was skipped in this coins story is a canine rehabilitation technician I work alongside daily. The individual who gave it to her was very truthful when stating that miracles happen around her every day. I see her hands move with such love and grace in a way that heals and touches the hearts of her patients.
Today, I was honest when asked how I was doing while catching up over our weekend; I responded to her question which said that physically I was well but mentally I have been struggling. Later in the day I was gifted with a beautiful letter and this precious coin.
The kindness and blessings that flow from the woman who gave it to me is an inspiration and I am grateful to be apart of this story.

This Beautiful coin is going to someone who is the kindness, most careing person I know with both people and especially Canines. Miracles happen around her every day!!!!

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