Coin 2b74

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by MaryKay_Butte
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Hey 'Lij! We are so happy to know you. And we are looking forward to going to dinner again soon. Meantime, you have this butterfly coin called a Swallowtail, and you are asked if you would like to give it to someone you do a favor for. Or maybe you give it along with a kind deed you do for a friend. Or maybe you "pay it forward" by giving something to someone you don't even know who needs a kind word or deed.
We know you are someone who always wants to be kind to others. The idea of the coin is that you will put it in your pocket to remember to do a good thing, and then after you, the person you give it to will be on the lookout for places to be kind to someone else. It is a beautiful thing that will keep happening over the ages. When you are old you can look up your own butterfly effect of kindness by looking up this coin, number 2b74-hrx at the website called May you have happy fun with this. Hope we see you soon when we go to dinner again. xoxo ~mk

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