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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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We were in Walt Disney World and a lady stopped us in Disney Springs and asked if my daughter likes LEGO’s. I was completely thrown off by this and gave a hesitant yes, lol. She then gave me this coin. We really appreciated her doing this. I decided to bring the coin with us on our flight home to Arizona. As I look to pay it forward I just want to say, this is a really great and thoughtful act of kindness. I look forward to passing it on!

My family was on vacation at Walt Disney World - my daughter’s first trip. As we were walking down Main St, a lady handed us a Minnie toy for my daughter! She loves it: the stuffed toy has already been hugged and eaten (she’s only seven months old). 😂 We passed the coin on and hope others will too!

Long story short, 17 years ago because of a needed operation my husband and I were told the chances of having another child was slim to none. So, imagine our unexpected surprise when we found out I was pregnant! 9 months later we welcomed home a new baby boy, so in honor of our wonderful surprise I am naming this butterfly after him. May Nicholas fly far and bring many happy unexpected surprises to everyone he touches…

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