Coin 2bbx

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by twitty
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Thank you Teresa for being such a great friend, you don’t know how much you guys mean to me. Thank you for this coin and I will be sure to pass it on with all this craziness that’s going on in this town.

My name is Teresa. I currently live in Panama City Beach, Florida. I was searching for a gift for people that have everything they need or want and came across butterfly coins. I thought was a great idea and to spread kindness and watch the effect is an amazing thing these days.

I purchased 20 coins to give away. It will be interesting to see how far these butterflies travel and what kindness they might bring about.

To everyone that updates this coin, thank you for your kindness and thanks for passing it along.

Butterfly, butterfly, fly away and spread kindness along the way.

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