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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by LouJ77
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I received the coin from a special friend as encouragement after loosing my dogs and a horse. She brightens my day by just walking into my salon or whenever we see other around town. I am mailing the coin to a friend that is always there for me and she moved away a year ago and is home sick quit often. I hope this will encourage her also.

I received this coin from a sweet friend who encourages me every day to be a better person. I'm passing it on to another friend who has suffered several losses recently. She recently lost two of her dogs and a beloved horse in the space of a week. I'm including the butterfly in with a small gift in memory of her pets.

This coin will go to one of three friends I'll be meeting for lunch on January 8th. I'll be interested to find out how my friends will touch other lives and where the coin will go. I should note that I totally forgot the coin on the 8th, and didn't give them to my friends until the 18th when we celebrated Vicki's birthday. I wished, after I gave them away, that I had made a spread sheet of the numbers and who got them, but now that I see how it works with the notifications, it really doesn't matter. What a wonderful, sweet encouragement this will be to your friend, P! That is you! wonderful, sweet and encouraging!

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