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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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Steve will initiate the flight from Butte of this butte-iful Swallowtail coin. As a man who emulates the selfless kindness of great teachers, he will have no difficulty choosing which of the recipients of his favors will next carry this coin. In this butterfly's journeys about the Continental Divide, may it always be handed off to a person who will add to its lovely story via these pages.

This coin was given to me by Mary Kay, a delightfully Irish colleen who has been involved in environmental and labor justice as long as I have known her. She is married to George, a kind and articulate poet and historian who shares her commitment to making this world a better place.

I have found a worthy recipient in Stevensville named Lu. She has been caring for birds and other wildlife for decades and is also compassionately generous to humans, including me.

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