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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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My first coin is going to an old friend who spent a short time working for me while he undertook his undergraduate divinity studies in a different state. Now a full-fledged pastor, he works tirelessly to advocate for those whose voices are suppressed – and I mean he works *tirelessly*. I don't have many spiritual beliefs, but one of the things I most respect about this coin's next owner is that his interpretation of "God" is so far beyond what is traditionally presented to us. He promulgates a progressive, selfless love and respect for humans, animals, and Earth that surely represents what religion was created for: living with kindness, generosity, and integrity. I hope this coin passes through his hands and takes along with it some of those qualities.

I received this coin, along with four others, from my wife and best friend, a paradigm of thoughtfulness and generosity. She bought dozens to give out to folks and I was honored to start off with a handful. Can't wait to send this coin on its way to the next bearer and see what ground it breaks (or mends) along the road!

On the last day of 2018 I gave this coin and four others to my wonderful husband, the kindest person I have ever known. I look forward to reading about its journey!

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