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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by cygnoir
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I received this coin from a dear friend, one who understands hospitality in the ancient sense, is intellectually vigorous, and great fun to play with. I carried it for longer than I meant to, but I'm ready to pass it on.

I am giving it someone who definitely rises to the level of "chosen family" for me. A friend and colleague whose kindness and perception have been both anchor and lighthouse at different times in my journey. She is a minister who embodies the vocation as few ever manage, and a sense of humor large enough to encompass the absurdity of life. I'm sure wherever this coin goes after it leaves her possession it will be enriched for having spent time with her.

My first coin is going to an old friend who spent a short time working for me while he undertook his undergraduate divinity studies in a different state. Now a full-fledged pastor, he works tirelessly to advocate for those whose voices are suppressed – and I mean he works *tirelessly*. I don't have many spiritual beliefs, but one of the things I most respect about this coin's next owner is that his interpretation of "God" is so far beyond what is traditionally presented to us. He promulgates a progressive, selfless love and respect for humans, animals, and Earth that surely represents what religion was created for: living with kindness, generosity, and integrity. I hope this coin passes through his hands and takes along with it some of those qualities.

I received this coin, along with four others, from my wife and best friend, a paradigm of thoughtfulness and generosity. She bought dozens to give out to folks and I was honored to start off with a handful. Can't wait to send this coin on its way to the next bearer and see what ground it breaks (or mends) along the road!

On the last day of 2018 I gave this coin and four others to my wonderful husband, the kindest person I have ever known. I look forward to reading about its journey!

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