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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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I've sat with this coin for some time. My first thoughts were who was farthest I could send it to but then I shifted to I wanted it to go to a person dear to me and on a special occasion. This thinking on who to get the coin next led me to thinking of my dear friend and mentor Martha Reeder. She has taught me so much about leading, listening, finding my strengths, and life. While life may have us meet many different people Martha is a forever for me. While she may not be biologically family she is in my mind and heart. So many times she has helped with a listening ear, sharing music, quotes, or love. She has touched and lifted my dreams in indescribable ways. She has encouraged my children, husband and I as well. To know Martha and have her in your life is truly special. What is the best is her heart and passion for others because she truly cares and keeps you focused on what is most important in life, your relationships. Thank you isn't enough for all the ways Martha has shown up or been there. So I am hoping the journey of the butterflies on this coin can spread the love all over the world because then it would be a small symbol of all the love, care and compassion she has shown. (ANPPC virtual mtg. 10/28/2020)

Given to my beloved daughter for Valentine's Day. There is no one I know who is as giving and loving as she! 2/14/19

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