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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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I was very surprised and happy to receive this coin from my neighbor, Sandi. I did not realize how much I influenced her interest in Monarch butterflies. I planted a butterfly garden in my yard and I love watching the butterflies that it attracts. I really get excited when I see a Monarch! I'm anxious to add the milkweed seeds that Sandi gave me to my yard. I will be sharing this coin with another butterfly lover!

First location of purchaser - Saxton, Pa. 16678 - Bedford Country - USA

~ Sandi Kruise and Kyli Kruise

I had wondered for many years why it was a rare occurrence to see Monarch Butterflies in my area (Saxton, Pa. 16678). I had made a post on facebook about the lack of siting these beautiful creatures, and a nice neighbor by the name of Shirley, gave me some insight to the dilemma. The lack of Milk Weed in my area isn't what it used to be, so last Fall my daughter, Kyli, went out in search of this plant and to my surprise, we found quite a few and just at the right time of year. They were in seed!! We gathered about a half of a grocery bag full of the opened pods and brought them home. My daughter and I plan on planting them near the creek in our yard, this weekend. I was so infatuated with bringing these butterflies back to Bedford County, Pa, so I bought 2 Monarch Butterfly Coins plus a gift box. I wanted to keep a coin for myself and give one away. Of course I gave the one to my neighbor lady in the gift box since she was the one who inspired me to spread the word on the lack of these butterflies in our area and had also give her a zip lock bag of the Milk Weed Seeds my daughter and I gathered last year. I hope she can find the time to plant them as well as share the Monarch Butterfly Coin with a friend or family member who will continue to forward it to see how far we can spread the news! <3

~ Sandi and Kyli

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