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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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I forwarded this coin to Dan and Rudi Taylor for their repeated acts of kindness through their non-profit Harleys Dream which seeks to end the practice of puppy mill operations. They have done a great deal to educate the Town Board on what we can do to end this practice and were instrumental in drafting an ordinance that bans pet stores in Berthoud from selling dogs and cats that came from puppy mill breeders. There are many where the individuals and organizations in Berthoud that embrace kindness, but I hope by transferring this coin to Dan and Rudi that we recognize that kindness should be extended to all creatures. Thanks Dan and Rudi for doing what you do!


"Animals are more than ever a test of our character, of mankind's capacity for empathy and for decent, honorable conduct and faithful stewardship. We are called to treat them with kindness, not because they have rights or power or some claim to equality, but in a sense because they don't; because they all stand unequal and powerless before us."

-Matthew Scully

This coin was given to you on April 13, 2019 for all your kindness and support making the 9th Annual A. Day of Kindness in Berthoud, CO such a big success.
Love, Hugs and Kisses from Dave and Julia Sabados.

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