Coin 2dd2

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by Relaxx3
4 storytellers
3,215 miles traveled


Discovered this coin traveling with 'Undercacher finally find 2000 caches' - MS7QCK and currently checked into Skyberg Travel Bug Motel - GC8AFNH, Kenyon Township, MN.

We dropped this beautiful wooden butterfly coin in geocache GC803E7, Mark's 4th cache. We hope someone who needs it will get it next! Thanks for sharing!

We found this proxy butterfly coin in a geocache. It was geocache #GC31HQ6 called Stargate San Diego. We were on vacation. We have brought it home to southern Arizona. After we show it to family, we will pass it along.

Not something I did, but wanted to write what someone just did for me. I was grocery shopping with a hungry 2 year old. She loves bananas, so when we picked up a bunch of bananas, she immediately wanted one. I told her she needed to wait until after we pay for them, little whining but she said OK. Then we moved on to whatever other produce we needed. One of the produce stocking men, came up to me after a few minutes, and he had a banana in his hand and cut it up for her. It was very sweet of him. He said "I hope this makes your shopping trip a little bit easier." I am incredibly grateful for his kind action.

Giving this butterfly to my daughter. You always put others before yourself! You inspire so many!

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