Coin 2dh7

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by mjzibert
2 storytellers
7 miles traveled


I received this coin many months ago. I thought it was such a beautiful gift. Unfortunately I didn’t register it until now, almost a year later. Partly because I wanted to keep such a beautiful gift that my person aka beautiful, kind, caring friend Merri gave me. She’s been my guiding light in many dark times. She’s my inspiration to keep my head up and always do me !! To respect myself , know that I deserve more. We push each other to do better. Thank you Merri.
I want to find just the right person for this!!!
I will be sending it to my wifey!! The one who has been with me for 30 plus years. Julie is my friend, my partner in crime, my sister, my wifey the one who knows my every secret good, bad and very ugly. Yet has never left my side. She has had my hand, my back for almost all my life. God blessed me beyond imagination when he sent her to be my life time living guarding angel.
She’s is my butterfly

Received my shipment of coins a couple of weeks ago. This will be the first one that I give out. I am giving it to one of my best friends. We sometimes fight like sisters, but I can ALWAYS count on her when I need her the most. She has REALLY helped me out with caring for my daughter this year, as my work often takes me on the road. Thank you for being AMAZING! I want this coin to be your anchor, so you know there is always kindness and JOY in this world we just have to pass it on. When you find someone who delivers a kind act to you with no expectations in return, pass on this coin and watch this butterfly take flight! I can't wait to watch its journey :)

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