Coin 2fbr

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by MaryKay_Butte
2 storytellers
910 miles traveled


My work involves providing professional services. Occasionally I meet clients that have difficulty in dealing with the high price of services. I gave the coin to Marcia because I was able to help her begin to deal with a difficult situation and helped her to understand what is required to eventually resolve the situation. I did not bill Marcia for most of the time I spent working on her issue. I accompanied Marcia (without billing her) on three separate occasions to visit with other professionals in an effort to help her find the best solution for her situation. I bill people for my time. That's how I earn a living. Time is a precious commodity, once it is gone, we can’t get it back. However, I realize that I am here today because I have received blessings (for which I am very grateful) because others were willing to give their time to me. Because of this, when I can, I will continue to unselfishly provide my time and expertise to others in need without any expectation of benefit to me.

Brother Mike, the CPA, will receive this coin in his mail about 1/14/19. It is sent for his birthday, the 10th, with love to Mike and all good wishes for those the coin encounters in its happy travels! Mike knows so many people in southern California, and he does so many nice things for people, that it will be hard for him to decide who will become the next owner of this transitional butterfly. Hope whoever looks up this coin on the web will keep on telling it's flight story!

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