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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by GaryM53
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It's time to pass this lovely coin along. The rules say you need to do something nice for someone else. I'm giving this coin to my friend, Kathy B., because I recently called her from one of my favorite stores to let her know there was an item she might be interested in on sale. I picked it up for her before it was sold out. Remembering your friend when you see a good buy is a good thing in my book. So, the coin is being sent along it's way.

Hang on to that one and I will send another one for you to pass on. This way you have one to show others what it is all about.

Thank you Gary for this beautiful coin and for thinking of me. I’m so torn because I want to send it along it’s way but it’s so lovely I’d like to keep it. So my plan is to hold it for a few days to enjoy and then I’ll brighten someone’s day. What a great idea this is.

Thanks Gary!

This Butterfly coin (#9) will by fluttering it's way North to the great state of Maine. It will end it's journey in the mail box of my sister Linda. Linda always shows acts of kindness everyday as she is very active with Hospice care and helping to find homes for stray animals. She is the one that sent my the link to this experiment. I am a huge collector of Geocoins (over 5000) and like to send them out on journeys around the world. I have sponsored many Geocoin races around the world through Geocaching and have made many friends throughout the world. I like the idea and awareness these coins will bring as they are passed forward.

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