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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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My friend Maille gave me this coin while I was walking with her to her house. We go to the same school and she had left it in a box on a tree, I don’t know who I am going to give this to, but I know I’ll give it to someone who deserves it. If you are reading this and I gave it to you. Thanks for being a good person. 😊❤️

I found a flower garden box where people put a gift in and take one out. I am finally paying it forward. Can’t wait to hear the next story!

My Aunt Marry Kay recently passed and I found this coin when I was cleaning my room shortly after we came back home from her funeral in Butte. I am not sure if I should give this coin to someone if they do a kind deed or if I do a kind deed for them and pass it on, but I know I an going to give it to someone soon. In this time with COVID-19 there is plenty of kindness around.

Mailed to Maille (Irish = Molly) on January 17, I imagine she will ponder its potential and whether it might really make a difference that causes humans to be kinder to each other. Where this beautiful blue Swallowtail butterfly goes when it leaves her hands will represent goodness, whether in hope or love. Fly on in perpetuity, wee butterfly!

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